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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9781473885455
Boek cover Both Sides of the Wire - Disaster at Dawn: Somme 1916 van Nigel Cave (Hardcover)
Preliminaries and First Moves
Both Sides of the Wire is the first in a new series of battlefield guides that looks at the fighting on the Western Front, chiefly in the sectors in which the British Expeditionary Force was engaged. In these books, Nigel Cave and Jack Sheldon will look at engagements from both the allied and German perspective; at the end of each chapter there will be a tour section so that readers can place themselves in the best vantage points to follow the action that is described on the ground and which is directly related to the narrative account that will form the bulk of each chapter. This book deals...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781784163099
Boek cover Passchendaele van Paul Ham (Paperback)
The Bloody Battle That Nearly Lost The Allies The War
'Outstanding . . . thought-provoking, readable and informative' Soldier One hundred years on... On 18 July 1917, a heavy artillery barrage was unleashed by the Allied forces against an entrenched German army outside the town of Ypres. it was to be the opening salvo of one of the most ferociously fought and debilitating encounters of the First World War. Few battles would encapsulate the utter futility of the war better that what became known as the Battle of Passchendaele. By the time the British and Canadian forces finally captured Passchendaele village on 6 November, the Allies had...
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Engels | Druk: 0002 | Paperback | 9781911628729
Boek cover A Moonlight Massacre van Michael Locicero (Paperback)
The Night Operation on the Passchendaele Ridge, 2 December 1917. the Forgotten Last Act of the Third Battle of Ypres
The Third Battle of Ypres was officially terminated by Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig with the opening of the Battle of Cambrai on 20 November 1917. Nevertheless, a comparatively unknown set-piece attack - the only large-scale night operation carried out on the Flanders front during the campaign - was launched twelve days later on 2 December. This volume is a necessary corrective to previously published campaign narratives of what has become popularly known as 'Passchendaele'. It examines the course of events from the mid-November decision to sanction further offensive activity in the...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781350147119
Boek cover A Short History of the American Revolutionary War van Stephen Conway (Paperback)
The American war against British imperial rule (1775-1783) was the world's first great popular revolution. Ideologically defined by the colonists' formal Declaration of Independence in 1776, the struggle has taken on something of a mythic character. From the Boston Tea Party to Paul Revere's ride to raise the countryside of New England against the march of the Redcoats; and from the American travails of Bunker Hill (1775) to the final humiliation of the British at Yorktown (1781), the entire contest is now emblematic of American national identity. Stephen Conway shows that, beyond mythology,...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781472843418
Boek cover Bosworth 1485 van Christopher Gravett (Paperback)
The Downfall of Richard III
The battle of Bosworth was the culmination of the War of the Roses, the dynastic struggle between the houses of York and Lancaster that dominated England in the second half of the 15th century. Edward IV had secured the throne for the house of York, but his early death in 1483, followed by the death of his sons and the taking of the throne by his brother, Richard of York, saw a renewed outbreak of fighting. His reign began with a major rebellion and was dogged by rumours of his involvement in murder, with Richard facing threats not only from the lords he alienated but also the Lancastrian...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781350181816
Boek cover The Riviera at War van George G. Kundahl (Paperback)
World War II on the Cote d'Azur
During World War II three distinct forces opposed the Allies - Germany, Italy, and Japan. Few areas of the world experienced domination by more than a single one of these, but southeastern France - the region popularly known as the Riviera or Cote d'Azur - was one. For the first time, George G. Kundahl tells the raw and moving story of World War II on the French Riviera. Following a nine-month prelude, the reality of World War II burst onto the Riviera in June 1940 when the region had to defend itself against the Italian army and ended with a battle against German and Italian forces in...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781526796622
Boek cover Companion to the Anglo-Zulu War van Ian Knight (Paperback)
The Anglo-Zulu War was a defining episode in British imperial history, and it is still a subject of intense interest. The Zulu victory at Isandlwana, the heroic British defence of Rorke's Drift and the eventual British triumph are among the most closely researched events of the colonial era. In this historical companion, Ian Knight, one of the foremost authorities on the war and the Zulu kingdom, provides an essential reference guide to a short, bloody campaign that had an enduring impact on the history of Britain and southern Africa. He gives succinct summaries of the issues, events, armies...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780241420430
Boek cover Protector van Conn Iggulden (Paperback)
Persian King Xerxes stands over the ruins of Athens, an army of slaves at his back. Come to destroy everything that the city stands for, he stares at the hopelessly outnumbered Greeks. Discover the rise and fall of the world's greatest empire in the stunning second novel in the Athenian series, from the nation's finest historical novelist.
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Engels | E-book | 9781800322783
Boek cover A Flight of Arrows van A.J. Mackenzie (Onbekend)
A gripping, captivating historical thriller
'Unputdownable ... I was blown away' Angus Donald, bestselling author of the Outlaw Chronicles Two kings. Two nations. One crown. The start of an epic historical espionage series by master authors A.J. Mackenzie. After years of civil unrest between England and France, Charles IV dies, leaving no apparent heir. His closest heir to the throne is Edward III of England, but it passes instead to Charles' cousin, Phillip, spurring both countries on to war. Landing at Normandy, Edward's immense army makes inroads into French territory, burning everything in their path. But the mysterious...
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Luisterboek | 9788726845570
Boek cover Takuumies – kertomus sodasta van Jorma Kurvinen (Onbekend)
Rivimies Esko Hirvilammi odottaa junakyytiä rintamalle joukkuetovereidensa kanssa. Juuri ennen junan lähtöä he lastaavat luvatta kyytiin myös kahvia ja soppatykin. Näin käynnistyy elämänmakuinen tarina rintaman arjesta pienine ja suurempine sattumuksineen. Sota ja sodan arki tulevat lähelle rivimiesten kokemusten kautta. Sotilaita piinaavat muun muassa väsymys ja ruoan epätasainen saanti. Ylemmän tahon päätöksillä on suorat seuraukset olosuhteisiin. Kertomuksesta huokuu kunnioitus rivimiehiä kohtaan, eivätkä asioiden nurjat puoletkaan jää pimentoon. Miten Eskon käy,...
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