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Engels | E-book | 9781631596582
Boek cover Quilting 101 van Editors Of Creative Publishing I (Onbekend)
Master Basic Skills and Techniques Easily through Step-by-Step Instruction
Written with the absolute beginner in mind, Quilting 101 teaches all the basics for machine quilting with step-by-step instructions and photographs. Quilting 101 will teach you quilting skills through engaging projects, beginning with easy designs for early success and moving on to progressively more difficult patterns as you master the techniques. New skills are explored in depth as they are introduced. The most comprehensive beginner’s book available, Quilting 101 begins with an introductory section covering all the basics of quilting: choosing fabric, quick cutting techniques,...
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Engels | E-book | 9781631595516
Boek cover Hand Sewing Magic van Lynn Krawczyk (Onbekend)
Essential Know-How for Hand Stitching--*10 Easy, Creative Projects *Master Tension and Other Techniques * with Pro Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting
?Hand Sewing Magic is an essential reference for all things stitching, including how-tos for dozens of stitches, sewing and mending basics, stunning embroidered embellishments, and fun, creative projects. Discover the pleasures of slow stitching as Lynn Krawczyk shows you how to enjoy the meditative and mindful process of stitching by hand. Stitching and embroidery are great ways to add color, texture, and interest to all kinds of textiles, and you’ll see how easy it is to develop a distinctive style. After mastering a variety of stitches, apply them to imaginative projects, such as a...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781446309261
Boek cover Christmas at Cowslip van Jo Colwill (Paperback)
Patchwork and quilting projects for the festive season
Christmas at Cowslip is a compilation of the best festive sewing projects from Jo Colwill's two books Cushions and Quilts and Patchwork Quilts and Gifts. This collection of festive projects is the perfect resource for all your seasonal sewing. Whether you are making gifts for friends and family or sewing decorations for your own home, Christmas at Cowslip will get you in the holiday mood. Choose from patchwork and applique projects for cushions, pillows and small and large quilts. There is even an advent calendar so the little (and not so little) people in your life can count down the...
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Engels | E-book | 9781446380741
Boek cover 100 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks van  (Onbekend)
Fun Foundation Pieced Blocks for Happy Sewing
This is a bright and humorous collection of foundation paper pieced quilt blocks and projects for happy quilts. The motifs include a wide range of popular designs–everything from avocados to rainbows–so you can mix and match to make perfect personalised quilts and quilted projects. Foundation paper piecing is the perfect way to get perfectly sharp points and create fun quilt motifs. By using the foundation paper piecing (FPP) technique you can create intricate designs which would be impossible with traditional piecing. FPP is done using a sewing machine so even though the blocks are...
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Engels | Druk: Revised ed. | Hardcover | 9781940655536
5 op 5 sterren
Boek cover Walk van Jacquie Gering (Hardcover)
Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot
Quilters love the look of textural, detailed stitching that adds to the beauty of the quilt top design. This stitching is actually the quilting in quilting, and many quilters feel that paying a professional for machine quilting is one of their only options. The walking foot is an accessory for sewing machines that's often used for machine quilting, but many quilters only use it to stitch around their designs. But the walking foot can do so much more, and author Jacquie Gering shows all of her tips, tricks and techniques to master all of the skills needed to quilt with a walking foot. This...
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Engels | E-book | 9780008581879
Boek cover Simple Shapes Stunning Quilts: 100 designs to sew for patchwork perfection van Stuart Hillard (Onbekend)
Stuart Hillard is on a mission to help quilters all over the world realize their quilting dreams and prove “it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it” – one simple shape at a time. In the follow-up title to the bestselling Use Scraps, Sew Blocks, Make 100 Quilts, Stuart shows you how the easiest of shapes can make extraordinary quilts. The book is divided into five main pattern chapters: One-Patch Quilts – 20 quilts using a single, repeated shape. Strips and Squares – 20 quilts that turn strips and squares into a tessellated triumph. Triangles – 20 quilts using...
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Engels | E-book | 9781462923434
Boek cover Modern Japanese Embroidery Stitches van Noriko Tsuchihashi (Onbekend)
Bold & Exotic Plants, Sea Life, Charms, Letters and More! (over 100 designs)
Over 100 unique stitch patterns from Japan's leading embroidery expert! In Modern Japanese Embroidery Stitches, Japanese textile maven Noriko Tsuchihashi presents over 100 bold, textural motifs to stitch with thread, ribbon, beads and buttons using familiar stitches as well as a few lesser-known ones. Her detailed instructions and lovely suggestions on how to combine and display the finished pieces will inspire you! The unique patterns in this book include: Elegant sea life, butterfly and insect motifs Good luck symbols and charms from around the world Gorgeous letters and numbers that...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781955935333
Boek cover Tunisian Crochet Handbook van Zera Meyer (Paperback)
A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners in Stitching Tunisian Crochet Patterns With Tools and Techniques Included
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Engels | E-book | 9781446381366
Boek cover English Paper Piecing Workshop van Jenny Jackson (Onbekend)
18 EPP projects for beginners and beyond
Do you love bright, geometric quilt designs but wonder how to get such sharp points and accurate piecing? English paper piecing is the answer and this collection shows you how to sew your own patchwork projects even if you've never made a quilt before. English paper piecing (EPP) is a traditional patchwork technique which uses hexagon-shaped paper templates which are pieced together by hand sewing rather than machine piecing. This process of hand piecing is both mindful and calming and the fact that it doesn't rely on a sewing machine makes EPP the perfect 'sofa sewing' project that can be...
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