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Ontdek de te verschijnen artikelen van 2022 in de categorie Houtsnijwerk & Boetseren. Een volledige lijst van de nieuwe producten in 'Houtsnijwerk & Boetseren' van 1 tot 10.

Als je in deze lijst van nieuwe Houtsnijwerk & Boetseren nog niet je gading vindt kan je ook eens kijken naar onze lijst van best verkochte artikelen in Houtsnijwerk & Boetseren van 2022

Engels | Hardcover | 9780764306846
Boek cover Carnival Glass van Glen And Stephen Thistlewood (Hardcover)
The Magic and the Mystery
Provides comprehensive information on early 20th century, iridescent Carnival Glass, its colors, shapes, and manufacturers throughout the world, and includes descriptions of over 500 individual patterns. The new edition is expanded and updated, with an entire new section introducing international makers from the United States, Europe, Australia, South and Central America, India, and the Far East. The beautiful molded glass is both decorative and useful, with patterns that include flowers, fruits, birds, animals, and geometric shapes on bowls, dishes, vases, and beverage sets. Explore these...
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Engels | E-book | 9781950934300
Boek cover Make Your Own Knife Handles van Chris Gleason (Onbekend)
Step-by-Step Techniques for Customizing Your Blade
If you’ve ever wanted your own custom knife to take along on that camping, hunting, or fishing trip, or to give to a family member or a friend as the perfect gift, Make Your Own Knife Handles has you covered. All you need is the knife blade of your choice, easily picked up at any woodworking store or knife shop, and Chris Gleason’s new book, and you’ll soon be customizing your own beautiful knife. With simple construction techniques, Make Your Own Knife Handles covers all the basics of selecting the wood, prepping it for your blade, and how to assemble the knife. The 16 projects cover...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9781914239779
Boek cover The Repair Shop van Elizabeth Wilhide (Onbekend)
LIFE IN THE BARN: The Inside Stories from the Experts: THE BRAND NEW BOOK FOR 2022
'Heartwarming, magical and uplifting' In today's throwaway culture, there's a counter movement growing that urges us to 'make do and mend'. The Repair Shop has brought this waste-conscious message to an even wider audience, with its regular viewing figures of 7 million in the UK alone, cementing itself as a classic series in the vein of Antiques Roadshow. This new book concentrates on the show's much-loved experts, including woodworker and furniture restorer Will Kirk, clock restorer Steve Fletcher, metalworker Dominic Chinea, silversmith Brenton West, leatherworker Suzie Fletcher,...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9781787138933
Boek cover Candles van Ebi Sinteh (Paperback)
A Modern Guide to Making Candles
Candles is a celebration of candles and the making process, showing you how to create a collection of 18 sustainable, seasonal candles to be enjoyed all year-round. Ebi and Emmanuel will teach you everything you need to know about soy wax, essential oils, wicks and scent blending. Once you have mastered the techniques, put your knowledge to the test through the 18 projects featured in this book. From taper candles and scented tea-lights for summer evenings to fragrant aromatherapy candles and crackling wood wicks for autumnal mornings - there is something for every occasion. Candles...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781784946555 | 320 pagina's
5 op 5 sterren
Boek cover Upholstery van David James (Paperback)
A Complete Course - New Edition
Upholstery: A Complete Course comprises an encyclopedic guide to the techniques & materials of the craft in addition to fascinating information on its history and development. Since first being published in 1990, with a second revision in 2016 and now a third in 2022, this book has proved itself to be a useful volume for those entering the world of upholstery. Traditional handwork, modern industrial methods and everything in-between, it is all explained here with an entire overview of the upholstery trade. By following the five useful projects in this book, you will be able to apply the key...
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Duitstalig | E-book | 9783641290771
Boek cover Natürliche Duftkerzen selber machen - mit Blüten & ätherischen Ölen van Justine Roty (Onbekend)
12 Raumdüfte - 100 % biologisch aus veganem Wachs und Bienenwachs, Baumwolle und Holz
Bienen- oder Pflanzenwachs, ein Docht aus Holz oder Baumwolle, ein paar Tropfen ätherisches Öl und einige getrocknete Blüten zur Deko: Mehr Zutaten braucht es nicht, um eine Duftkerze herzustellen, die auf natürliche Weise die Raumluft erfrischt und zugleich ein hübsches Dekoelement ist. Schritt für Schritt wird gezeigt, wie 12 unterschiedliche Kerzen gegossen werden, die in ihrer Wirkung auf die Monate abgestimmt sind. Zur individuellen Anpassung gibt es zudem alternative Vorschläge für die Parfümierung und dekorative Gestaltung.
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Duitstalig | E-book | 9783706629249
Boek cover Projekte zum Anpacken van Deborah Hucht (Onbekend)
Eines der allerbesten Gefühle? An einem eigenen Projekt zu arbeiten, sich die Hände schmutzig zu machen, zu beobachten, wie Ideen immer mehr Gestalt annehmen und am Ende sagen zu können: Wie cool ist das geworden? Das hab ich selbst gemacht! Deborah und Florian Hucht lieben es einfach, draußen zu sein, die Hände in die Erde zu stecken und sich immer wieder neue DIY-Projekte einfallen zu lassen. Ihre Spezialität? Aus Sachen, die andere wegwerfen wollen, richtig tolle Dinge bauen und basteln: den alten Schrank zu einer praktischen Outdoor-Küche umwandeln? Läuft. Und die staubigen...
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Engels | E-book | 9780008601492
Boek cover Hammer & Nail: Making and assembling furniture designs inspired by Enzo Mari van Erik Eje Almqvist (Onbekend)
Inspired by radical Italian designer Enzo Mari, this practical book with step-by-step DIY projects for hand built, beautiful furniture is a tribute to his simple ideas that challenged the consumerism of the furniture industry. Many interpreted Enzo Mari’s book Autoprogettazione? as a manifesto of nostalgic longing for a pre-capitalist society where people built what they needed themselves, but Mari’s goal wasn’t to make people cease consuming. Mari wanted people to consider the more basic aspects of the objects we surround ourselves with and what it is that makes a piece of...
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