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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9780785833512
4.5 op 5 sterren
Boek cover As a Man Thinketh van James Allen (Hardcover)
As a Man Thinketh is James Allen's third book, first published in 1903. In it, he details how man is the creator and shaper of his destiny by the thoughts which he thinks. He rises and falls in exact accordance with the character of the thoughts which he entertains. His environment is the result of what he has thought and done in the past, and his circumstances in the future are being shaped and built by his present desires, aspirations, thoughts and actions. He therefore who chooses and pursues a particular line of thought, consciously builds his own destiny. Part of the New Thought...
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Engels | Hardcover | 9781138182066
Boek cover Innateness and Cognition van Mark Cain (Hardcover)
The question of innateness, or nativism, is one of the most heated problems in philosophy, reaching as far back as Plato but generating fierce debates in contemporary philosophy and cognitive science. Which aspects of the human mind are innate and which are the products of experience? Do we have any innate concepts or knowledge or are all the contents of the mind acquired by means of learning? Innateness and Cognition is a much-needed overview of this important problem. Through addressing the following topics M.J. Cain argues for a nativist perspective which, nevertheless, finds an...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781119657774 | 464 pagina's
Boek cover The Moral Powers van P. M. S. Hacker (Paperback)
A Study of Human Nature
A milestone in the study of value in human life and thought, written by one of the world's preeminent living philosophers The Moral Powers: A Study of Human Nature is a philosophical investigation of the moral potentialities and sensibilities of human beings, of the meaning of human life, and of the place of death in life. It is an essay in philosophical anthropology: the study of the conceptual framework in terms of which we think about, speak about, and investigate homo sapiens as a social and cultural animal. This volume examines the diversity of values in human life and the place of...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780691217451
Boek cover On Mercy van Malcolm Bull (Paperback)
Is mercy more important than justice? Since antiquity, mercy has been regarded as a virtue. Yet by the end of the eighteenth century, mercy had been exiled from political life. In this book, Malcolm Bull analyses and challenges the Enlightenment's rejection of mercy. Political realism, Bull argues, demands recognition of the foundational role of mercy in society. If we are vulnerable to harm from others, we are in need of their mercy. By restoring the primacy of mercy over justice, we may constrain the powerful and release the agency of the powerless. An important contribution to political...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780691216706
Boek cover Our Great Purpose van Ryan Patrick Hanley (Paperback)
Adam Smith on Living a Better Life
Invaluable wisdom on living a good life from the founder of modern economics Adam Smith is best known today as the founder of modern economics, but he was also an uncommonly brilliant philosopher who was especially interested in the perennial question of how to live a good life. Our Great Purpose is an illuminating guide to Smith's incomparable wisdom on how to live well, written by one of today's leading Smith scholars. Full of invaluable insights on topics ranging from happiness and moderation to love and friendship, Our Great Purpose enables modern readers to see Smith in an entirely...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780063001886 | 272 pagina's
Boek cover How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps van Ben Shapiro (Paperback)
A growing number of Americans want to tear down what it's taken us 250 years to build-and they'll start by canceling our shared history, ideals, and culture. Traditional areas of civic agreement are vanishing. We can't agree on what makes America special. We can't even agree that America is special. We're coming to the point that we can't even agree what the word America itself means. Disintegrationists say we're stronger together, but their assault on America's history, philosophy, and culture will only tear us apart. Who are the disintegrationists? From Howard Zinn's A People's...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780192897398
Boek cover Just Words van Mary Kate Mcgowan (Paperback)
On Speech and Hidden Harm
We all know that speech can be harmful. But what are these harms, and how exactly does the speech in question bring them about? Mary Kate McGowan identifies a previously overlooked mechanism by which speech constitutes, rather than merely causes, harm. She argues that speech constitutes harm when it enacts a norm that prescribes that harm. McGowan illustrates this theory by considering many categories of speech including sexist remarks, racist hate speech, pornography, verbal triggers for stereotype threat, micro-aggressions, political dog whistles, slam poetry, and even the hanging of...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780691226460
Boek cover Why We Are Restless van Benjamin Storey (Paperback)
On the Modern Quest for Contentment
A compelling exploration of how our pursuit of happiness makes us unhappy We live in an age of unprecedented prosperity, yet everywhere we see signs that our pursuit of happiness has proven fruitless. Dissatisfied, we seek change for the sake of change - even if it means undermining the foundations of our common life. In Why We Are Restless, Benjamin and Jenna Storey offer a profound and beautiful reflection on the roots of this malaise and examine how we might begin to cure ourselves. Drawing on the insights of Montaigne, Pascal, Rousseau, and Tocqueville, Why We Are Restless explores...
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Spaanstalig | Paperback | 9788416540600
Boek cover Analectas van Confucio (Paperback)
Analects, set in the 21st century, turns this classic work of thought into an authentic wisdom guide for readers of all ages. In his travels throughout the country, the wise Confucius dragged after him some 3,000 disciples, who were in charge of writing their dialogues with the Master and spreading his ideas throughout Asia. These writings were compiled under the title of Analects, becoming the reference text of Confucianism.
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Engels | Paperback | 9781138722408
Boek cover Environmental Human Rights van Jan Hancock (Paperback)
Power, Ethics and Law
This title was first published in 2003. Environmental Human Rights redefines the political, ethical and legal relationships between the environment and human rights to claim the human rights to an environment free from toxic pollution and to natural resources. Through a focus on the operational dynamics of social power, this compelling book details how global capitalism subjugates concerns of human security and environmental protection to the values of allocative efficiency and economic growth. The capacity of social power to construct ethical norms and to determine the efficacy of law is...
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