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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9789810224448 | 250 pagina's
Boek cover Introduction To The Methods Of Relativistic Molecular Quantum Mechanics, An van Stephen Wilson (Hardcover)
Molecular electronic structure calculations have assumed increasing importance in a wide range of research fields. Applications abound in fields as diverse as molecular electronics and pharmacology, radioastronomy and organic synthesis. The vast majority of contemporary molecular electronic structure studies are performed within the framework of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. However, recent years have seen a growing recognition of the importance of relativistic effects in molecules, especially in systems containing heavy atoms. This has fuelled the development of methods for...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9781848164512
Boek cover Single-molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy Of Molecular Machines van Achilefs N Kapanidis (Hardcover)
This book provides a comprehensive overview of the field of single-molecule fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy of molecular machines. It is addressed to both physical scientists (who are familiar with the fluorescence methodology but unfamiliar with the biological molecules, mechanisms and questions) and life scientists (who are familiar with the biology but unfamiliar with the large variety of available fluorescence methods). This is possible due to the background of the two authors, Achillefs Kapanidis (ANK) (biochemist) and Mike Heilemann (MH) (biophysicist). The book does not try to...
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Engels | Druk: 3rd Edition | Hardcover | 9781119494041
Boek cover Aerosol Technology van William C. Hinds (Hardcover)
Properties, Behavior, and Measurement of Airborne Particles
Since 1982, Aerosol Technology has been the number one text of choice among students and professionals who need to acquire a thorough working knowledge of modern aerosol theory and applications. While the fundamentals of aerosol science and technology have changed little over the years, the latter has changed substantially since the second edition was published. The third edition reflects the considerable advances that have been made over the past several decades of aerosol-related application areas. The latest edition has updated examples, sections, and practice problems designed to help...
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Engels | Druk: 3rd Edition | Hardcover | 9781119334064
Boek cover Electrochemical Methods van Allen J. Bard (Hardcover)
Fundamentals and Applications
The latest edition of a classic textbook in electrochemistry The third edition of Electrochemical Methods has been extensively revised to reflect the evolution of electrochemistry over the past two decades, highlighting significant developments in the understanding of electrochemical phenomena and emerging experimental tools, while extending the book's value as a general introduction to electrochemical methods. This authoritative resource for new students and practitioners provides must-have information crucial to a successful career in research. The authors focus on methods that are...
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Engels | E-book | 9780262365925
Boek cover University Chemistry van James G. Anderson (Onbekend)
Frontiers and Foundations from a Global and Molecular Perspective
A new approach to teaching university-level chemistry that links core concepts of chemistry and physical science to current global challenges. Introductory chemistry and physics are generally taught at the university level as isolated subjects, divorced from any compelling context. Moreover, the “formalism first” teaching approach presents students with disembodied knowledge, abstract and learned by rote. By contrast, this textbook presents a new approach to teaching university-level chemistry that links core concepts of chemistry and physical science to current global challenges. It...
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Duitstalig | Druk: 8. Auflage | Hardcover | 9783527349197
Boek cover Mathematik fur Chemiker van Ansgar Jüngel (Hardcover)
Ein unentbehrlicher Begleiter fA1/4r die Grundvorlesung in Mathematik, der auch wAhrend des gesamten Chemiestudiums gute Dienste bei allen mathematischen Fragen und Problemen leistet. Jetzt ergAnzt um Dichtefunktionaltheorie und maschinelles Lernen.
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Engels | Druk: 2nd Edition | Paperback | 9781119855774
Boek cover Organic Chemistry I Workbook For Dummies van Arthur Winter (Paperback)
Need help with organic chemistry? Get extra practice with this workbook If you're looking for a little extra help with organic chemistry than your Organic Chemistry I class offers, Organic Chemistry I Workbook For Dummies is exactly what you need! It lets you take the theories you're learning (and maybe struggling with) in class and practice them in the same format you'll find on class exams and other licensing exams, like the MCAT. It offers tips and tricks to memorize difficult concepts and shortcuts to solving problems. This reference guide and practice book explains the...
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Engels | Druk: 4th New edition | Paperback | 9781839164460
Boek cover The Chemistry of Explosives van Jacqueline Akhavan (Paperback)
This concise, easy-to-read book outlines the basic principles needed to understand the chemical mechanisms of explosion. Written for students with no previous knowledge of explosives but some understanding of chemical reactions in mind, it takes the reader through the history of explosives and introduces the concepts of high explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics. Covering combustion, deflagration, and detonation; ignition, initiation, and thermal decomposition; thermochemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics, the text includes detailed formulations and reactions presented with...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781984881984
Boek cover The Zoologists Guide to the Galaxy van Arik Kershenbaum (Paperback)
What Animals on Earth Reveal About Aliens--and Ourselves
A wildly fun and scientifically sound exploration of what alien life must be like Scientists are confident that life exists elsewhere in the universe. Yet rather than taking a realistic approach to what aliens might be like, we imagine that life on other planets is the stuff of science fiction. The time has come to abandon our fantasies of space invaders and movie monsters and place our expectations on solid scientific footing. Using his own expert understanding of life on Earth and Darwin's theory of evolution--which applies throughout the universe--Cambridge zoologist Dr. Arik...
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Engels | Druk: Second Edition | Paperback | 9781800611610
Boek cover Introduction To Heterogeneous Catalysis van Roel Prins (Paperback)
Catalysis is a multidisciplinary subject. This book introduces the chemical, materials, and engineering principles of catalysis so that both MSc and PhD students with a basic but not extensive knowledge of chemistry and physics and those with a basic understanding of chemical engineering can learn more about catalysis. Examples are taken from catalytic reactions and catalysts used in the energy, petroleum, and base-chemicals industry.The second edition differs from the first edition in the way basic topics are integrated with catalytic applications. The authors introduce two new chapters:...
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