Nieuwe artikelen in 'Poëzie' van 1 tot 10

Ontdek de te verschijnen artikelen van 2022 in de categorie Poëzie. Een volledige lijst van de nieuwe producten in 'Poëzie' van 1 tot 10.

Als je in deze lijst van nieuwe Poëzie nog niet je gading vindt kan je ook eens kijken naar onze lijst van best verkochte artikelen in Poëzie van 2022

Engels | Paperback | 9780063048485
Boek cover The Collection Plate van Kendra Allen (Paperback)
A deeply wrought and joyful debut poetry collection from an exciting new voice Looping exultantly through the overlapping experiences of girlhood, Blackness, sex, and personhood in America, award-winning essayist and poet Kendra Allen braids together personal narrative and cultural commentary, wrestling with the beauty and brutality to be found between mothers and daughters, young women and the world, Black bodies and white space, virginity and intrusion, prison and freedom, birth and death. Most of all, The Collection Plate explores both how we collect and erase the voices, lives, and...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781681376486
Boek cover A Summer Day in the Company of Ghosts van Wang Yin (Paperback)
A new, bilingual collection of poetry by a pioneering, multi-talented Chinese writer and photographer in a landmark English translation. “My poems are flecks of salt clinging ambivalently to a horse’s back,” Wang Yin writes. This is the first comprehensive collection of this important Chinese poet’s work to appear in English, translated by Andrea Lingenfelter. Readers can follow the full arc of his career, from the early, surrealist, and Deep Image–influenced work of the 1980s, when he made his debut as a post-Misty poet, through the turn toward the rawer, more immediate poetry of the...
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Engels | Hardcover | 9781640095779
Boek cover Uncollected Poems, Drafts, Fragments, And Translations van Gary Snyder (Hardcover)
A collection of previously uncollected and unpublished works by a Pulitzer Prize-winning Beat poet Gary Snyder, written during his most productive and important years Far from being a simple miscellany of poems, Uncollected Poems, Drafts, Fragments, and Translations contains some of Gary Snyder’s best work, written during his most productive and important years. Many of these have been published in magazines or as broadsides, including Spel Against Demons, Dear Mr. President, Hymn to the Goddess San Francisco, Smokey the Bear Sutra, A Curse on the Men in Washington, Pentagon. The...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781513203607
Boek cover The Weary Blues van Langston Hughes (Paperback)
A celebration of music from beginning to end, The Weary Blues is the debut poetry collection by the foremost Harlem Renaissance poet, Langston Hughes. Droning a drowsy syncopated tune, / Rocking back and forth to a mellow croon, / I heard a Negro play. / Down on Lenox Avenue the other night / By the pale dull pallor of an old gas light / He did a lazy sway. . . With these first lines, Hughes invites the reader into an experimental playground that tells the story of a Black man's life in America. Featuring poems such as, Dream Variations, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, and Our Land, ...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781803090504
Boek cover Collected Poems van Thomas Bernhard (Paperback)
Bernhard's Collected Poem is a key to understanding Bernhard's irascible black comedy found in virtually all of his writings-even down to his last will and testament. Beloved Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard (1931-89) began his career in the early 1950s as a poet. Over the next decade, Bernhard wrote thousands of poems and published four volumes of intensely wrought and increasingly personal verse, with such titles as On Earth and in Hell, In Hora Mortis, and Under the Iron of the Moon. Bernhard's early poetry, bearing the influence of Georg Trakl, begins with a deep connection to his...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789021467832
Boek cover Wij capabelen van Laura Broekhuysen (Paperback)
Waar in het proza van Laura Broekhuysen de taal centraal staat, wordt er in al haar gedichten gezocht naar een verhaal. Verbindingen tussen personages, tussen generaties, tussen een werkelijke en een fictieve ik, tussen IJslandse sagen en dagelijks leven, tussen moeder en vrouw, herinnering en voorstelling, inzage en inzicht, boom en rizoom. Toch blijft de verhaallijn onbenaderbaar, manifesteert die zich als iets wat per definitie niet toe te eigenen is. Hoe capabel ook, de plot zal je ontglippen, al had je ogen in je ellebogen, oren in elke porie. Laura Broekhuysen, die alom geprezen wordt...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781682831502
Boek cover The Glad Hand of God Points Backwards van Rachel Mennies (Paperback)
In her first poetry collection, Rachel Mennies chronicles a young woman's relationship with a complicated God, crafting a nuanced world that reckons with its past as much as it yearns for a new and different future. These poems celebrate ritual, love, and female sexuality; they bear witness to a dark history, and introduce us to our God, the / collector of stories / and bodies, a force somehow responsible for both death and liberation. Here, Mennies examines survival, assimilation, and intermarriage, subjects bound together by complex, if sometimes compromised, ties to the speaker's...
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Duitstalig | E-book | 9783709939857
Boek cover weich werden van Anja Bachl (Onbekend)
Eine Nabelschnur zur Welt, die Transparenz von Körperlichkeit Wer sind wir, warum und wo? – Anja Bachl erschreibt sich selbst und den Kosmos unseres Daseins Einen Raum aufmachen, einen Ort kreieren. Das eigene Leben ansehen, die Fasern, die es durchdringen, die Linien, die es begrenzen und die doch verschwimmen. Anja Bachl wird weich, lässt uns weich werden, verortet sich selbst und stellt gleichzeitig fest, dass wir uns nicht verorten lassen. Denn nur, wenn wir das Menschsein darauf herunterbrechen, was es ist, auf das Bestehen aus Wasser, Blut und Gefühlen, können wir einen Bruchteil...
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