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Engels | Paperback | 9781405179638
Boek cover Questions of Gender van Dina Anselmi (Paperback)
Questions of Gender introduces students to critical questions in the psychology of gender through the use of primary scholarship in the discipline. The book exposes students to both classical and contemporary cutting-edge research and theory while providing sufficient scaffolding so that students can understand the issues at hand. Each chapter topic begins with a comprehensive and integrative essay outlining the key issues in that area; the essays also connect issues between chapters so that students can see many of the overarching themes of the field. The essays and readings thus provide a...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9781587316524
Boek cover Plato`s Bedroom - Ancient Wisdom and Modern Love van David K. O`connor (Hardcover)
Plato's Bedroom is a book for people who want to be better at falling in love and being in love, with all the ecstasies and dangers erotic life can bring. It is also an inviting book for readers who are intellectually playful and up for a challenge, written with verve, and full of stories thoughtful persons will find to be mirrors of their own erotic selves. Drawing on Greek myth, Plato, Shakespeare, and a wide range of modern literature and movies, the book gets Aphrodite talking with the young lovers in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and lets us listen in on Woody Allen arguing with Othello....
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Engels | Paperback | 9780063047907
Boek cover Consent van Vanessa Springora (Paperback)
A Memoir
“Consent” is a Molotov cocktail, flung at the face of the French establishment, a work of dazzling, highly controlled fury...By every conceivable metric, her book is a triumph.” -- The New York Times Already an international literary sensation, an intimate and powerful memoir of a young French teenage girl’s relationship with a famous, much older male writer—a universal #MeToo story of power, manipulation, trauma, recovery, and resiliency that exposes the hypocrisy of a culture that has allowed the sexual abuse of minors to occur unchecked. Sometimes, all it takes is a single...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780008395933
Boek cover Available van Laura Friedman Williams (Paperback)
A Very Honest Account of Life After Divorce
'Gripping' Vogue 'Empowering' Cosmopolitan 'Joyful' Financial Times 'Eye-popping' Daily Mail When her 22-year-marriage suddenly ended, 47-year-old mother of three Laura expected life as she knew it to be over. What she hadn't expected: * An incredible one-night stand * A new-found sexual appetite * Ten men in eight months * That there is plenty of fun to be had after 40 From G-spots to bald spots, dirty talk to dating fiascos, Available is the unflinchingly honest, empowering, and humorous true story of one woman's love life after divorce. ...
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Engels | Paperback | 9781510768949
Boek cover 101 Things to Do with a Vibrator van Marisa Bennett (Paperback)
Explore the hottest love secrets, electrified! From small buzzing eggs to full-size, humming, swiveling, and tickling vibrators, this book explores not just the kinds of sex toy options but all of the sexy, sweet, and naughty things to do once you have them! This book offers games with sensual humming buzzers and naughty BDSM tricks that will get you charged up, whether your hot rendezvous with these vibe sensations are for your own pleasure or for you and your partner. There are 101 tantalizing tips and tricks to choose from, including a seductive short story to give you some extra...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789083186900
Boek cover Fantastische Orgasmes van Marleen Janssen (Paperback)
Het vallei-orgasme en andere vrouwelijke hoogtepunten
Alles over het vrouwelijk orgasme, inclusief het vallei-orgasme. Voor vrouwen die moeite hebben met het bereiken van een hoogtepunt. Of vrouwen die hun hoogtepunt willen intensiveren. Alles over het vrouwelijk orgasme, inclusief het vallei-orgasme. Voor vrouwen die moeite hebben met het bereiken van een hoogtepunt. Of vrouwen die hun hoogtepunt willen intensiveren. Héél interessant. En leuk. En waardevol. Belangrijk ook. Je steekt er een heleboel van op. Sommige technieken kun je direct vanuit het boek in je eigen slaapkamer toepassen. Reken maar dat je kennis over je eigen lijf blinde...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9781529363562
Boek cover Love and Choice van Lucy Fry (Onbekend)
A Radical Approach to Sex and Relationships
What, in your relationships, have you chosen? What would you choose, if you felt able? In Love and Choice, therapist and journalist Lucy Fry explains why relationships should start with these simple questions. Most of us are brought up with a blueprint - an outline or even a plan - for our most important and intimate relationships. It comes from parents, grandparents, teachers, the media, books, television, or even the government's tax policies, but even today the message we receive is simple: The (gold) standard for a romantic relationship is one that is heterosexual, between two...
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Franstalig | Luisterboek | 9788728004081
Boek cover Le Cycle féminin van Caroline Salvodelli (Onbekend)
Connaît-on bien notre corps et son cycle ? Quel incroyable potentiel recèle-t-il ? Quelles influences a-t-il sur notre forme et sur nos émotions ? Cet ouvrage aborde de façon concrète chaque étape du cycle, les énergies et les besoins qui le caractérisent. Alimentation, plantes, relaxation, mais aussi maux et affections, contraception, protections hygiéniques... Des explications claires et des solutions naturelles pour être au top tout au long de son cycle ! Caroline Savoldelli est naturopathe, coach et thérapeute holistique. Elle accompagne les femmes et les aide à prendre soin...
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Franstalig | E-book | 9782824635996
Boek cover Choisir dêtre heureux van Dominique Van Acker (Onbekend)
Dans les temps troublés actuels, quand la science et le raisonnement ne sont plus d'aucun secours, les disciplines divinatoires offrent des réponses aux questionnements du quotidien. Au fil de cet ouvrage, l'auteur nous invite à un voyage enrichissant et mystérieux au coeur des plus anciennes disciplines divinatoires comme la numérologie, la chiromancie, l'oniromancie, le yi king, etc. Grâce à ce guide, vous apprendrez à décrypter votre présent et à lire l'avenir avec des techniques efficaces et détaillées. Que vous cherchiez l'amour ou que vous vous interrogiez sur de possibles...
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