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Engels | Luisterboek | 9780008491437
Boek cover Don’t Ask Me About My Dad: A Memoir of Love, Hate and Hope van Tom Mitchelson (Onbekend)
My dad lives within me. I feel the impact he had on my life every day, even though he’s been dead three years. He was my friend and my foe. I loved him and I hated him too. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able to escape the long and dark shadow he cast. In this devastating memoir, Tom Mitchelson explores the complex, toxic relationship he had with his father. Growing up on a council estate in Essex in the 80s, Tom frequently witnessed his dad horrifically abuse his mum. He would physically and sexually harm her, drag her down the street, then the next morning bring her tea and...
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Engels | Hardcover | 9781615198719
Boek cover Repotting Your Life van Frances Edmonds (Hardcover)
Sense When You're Stuck. Explore What's Possible. Claim Room to Grow.
A warmly humane, wise, and witty guide to embracing change in any aspect of your life, whatever your age The simple act of repotting a plant sets in motion new growth, the start of fresh life. In Repotting Your Life, lifelong &;repotter&; Frances Edmonds calls on the principles of that process to inspire you to negotiate change&;a necessary yet often uncomfortable process. Its four simple, actionable steps constitute a toolkit to revitalize your relationships, your passions, or your career&;to design a thriving environment full of fresh possibility at any moment in your life.
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Engels | E-book | 9780241524749
Boek cover Exactly What You Mean van Ben Hinshaw (Onbekend)
'Sentence by sentence, Ben Hinshaw offers wit, sensitivity and sharp observation. Then slowly the reader sees the grand design - the intricate, braided storylines, sustained with energy and relish. It is entertaining, and something more - truly involving, like a whole novel sequence cleverly condensed' Hilary Mantel Surrounded by the dramatic beauty of Guernsey, a teenager discovers a secret and finds his betrayal has the power to ruin adult lives. In London, a marriage shot through with infidelity leads to a quest for revenge, resulting in a series of simultaneously comical and...
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Engels | E-book | 9781782838548
Boek cover This is How Your Marriage Ends van Matthew Fray (Onbekend)
A Hopeful Approach to Saving Relationships
'This Is How Your Marriage Ends is the book we have been waiting for - an entertaining, honest, and truly practical guide for saving our relationships' Justin Baldoni, bestselling author of Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity 'Funny and poignant ... a beautiful exposition on partnerships, love, and unpaid labor' Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play Good people can be bad partners One night during his divorce, after one too many vodkas and a phone-in-therapist's advice to 'journal his feelings,' Matthew Fray started a blog. On it, he tried to piece together how...
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Engels | E-book | 9781529075953
Boek cover How to Leave Your Psychopath van Maddy Anholt (Onbekend)
The Essential Handbook for Escaping Toxic Relationships
'Will help so many learn to recognize what an abusive relationship is' – Mel B 'I read it all in one sitting, it is brilliant! This book is so relatable and Maddy's funny and engaging approach starts serious conversations' – Teresa Parker, Women's Aid Are you forever finding yourself in the stranglehold of controlling companions? Well, fear not, because once you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll be able to wave ta-ta to unhappy and unhealthy relationships for good. Consider me the Psycho Sprucer, Bad Boy Buster, the Hot Mess Assessor – ready to leave your love life...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780307589088
Boek cover Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door van Martha Stout (Paperback)
How to Protect Yourself Against a Ruthless Manipulator
From Dr. Martha Stout’s influential work The Sociopath Next Door, we learned how to identify a sociopath. Now she tells us what we actually can do about it. “Mandatory reading on how to effectively deal with sociopaths before you get hurt.”—Joe Navarro, former FBI special agent and the author of Dangerous Personalities While the best way to deal with a sociopath is to avoid him or her entirely, sometimes circumstance doesn't allow for that. What happens when the time comes to defend yourself against your own child, a ruthless ex-spouse, a boss, or another person in power? Using the...
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Duitstalig | E-book | 9783641283292
Boek cover Geborgen und stark van Jesper Juul (Onbekend)
Wie Eltern in Trennung Orientierung und Halt geben
Getrennte Wege gehen, kompetente Eltern bleiben Wenn sich Eltern trennen, ist das oft schmerzlich und stellt sie vor die schwierige Aufgabe, diesen Schritt familienverträglich zu vollziehen. Wie berücksichtigt man die Gefühle und Reaktionen der Kinder am besten? Wie spricht man mit ihnen, um die Situation zu erklären? Wie lässt sich das Familienleben in zwei Haushalten verlässlich gestalten, sodass die Bedürfnisse aller berücksichtigt werden? Und was tun, wenn es hakt? In diesem Buch gibt der renommierte Familientherapeut Jesper Juul kompetente und authentische Antwort darauf,...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789400514836
Boek cover Waarom je huwelijk strandt van Matthew Fray (Paperback)
Hoopvolle en humoristische liefdeslessen van een single vader Toen hij in scheiding lag, besloot Matthew Fray onder invloed van één of twee vodka’s te veel zijn ervaringen van zich af te schrijven. Hoe kon zijn lieve vriendin, die jarenlang verliefd op hem was geweest, veranderen in de boze vrouw die hem had verlaten? Langzamerhand drong de waarheid zich aan hem op: hij was een prima kerel, maar een waardeloze partner geweest. Zijn eerste blog ging viral en bleek een bron van herkenning voor velen. In dit boek bundelt Matthew de wijze lessen die hij zelf op de harde manier heeft...
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