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Engels | Druk: 3rd edition | Hardcover | 9781975163105
Boek cover Pediatric Chiropractic van Claudia A. Anrig (Hardcover)
Pediatric Chiropractic
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Engels | Druk: 12th edition | Paperback | 9780323713405
Boek cover The Hospital for Sick Children Handbook of Pediatrics van Hsc (Paperback)
Practical and pocket sized, The Hospital for Sick Children Handbook of Pediatrics has been a trusted clinical reference for more than 50 years. The fully revised 12th Edition continues this tradition of excellence with succinct, easily accessible, and evidence-based answers for the diagnosis and management of pediatric patients. Get the reliable information you need from staff pediatricians, specialists, residents, and fellows at one of the top pediatric hospitals in the world. Provides the most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to pediatric clinical problems using...
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Engels | Druk: 3rd edition | Paperback | 9780323834667
Boek cover Fundamentals of Nursing van Barbara Yoost (Paperback)
Active Learning for Collaborative Practice
Build a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a nurse! Designed specifically for today's students, Fundamentals of Nursing, 3rd Edition takes a fresh, conversational approach that is friendlier than typical books on nursing fundamentals. To make understanding easier, the book introduces basic information first and then follows with progressively more nuanced and complex nursing concepts. Practical exercises provide a unique kind of active learning, allowing you to apply concepts to actual patient care. Even care planning is different, as authors Barbara L. Yoost...
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Engels | Druk: 6th edition | Hardcover | 9780702081651
Boek cover Clinical Immunology van Robert R. Rich (Hardcover)
Principles and Practice
Offering�unique, comprehensive coverage of both basic science and clinical scenarios,�Clinical Immunology: Principles and Practice, 6th Edition, brings you up to date with every aspect of this fast-changing field. It examines the molecular, cellular, and immunologic bases of immunologic diseases and�their�broader systemic implications;�and includes�complete coverage of all common and less common disorders. Updated with all the latest immunologic research and clinical implications, including�breakthrough immunotherapies and molecular-based treatment protocols, this fully revised...
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Engels | Druk: 2nd Revised edition | Paperback | 9780197542910
Boek cover Palliative Care Perspectives van James L. Hallenbeck (Paperback)
Palliative Care Perspectives is a guide to the art and science of palliative care that links real stories of illness with practical advice to delineate clinical practice in a way that reflects the daily concerns of clinicians. Clearly and compassionately written, this book emphasizes important topics often neglected in formal clinical training, including the history and evolution of palliative care in the United States, as well as how clinicians can better understand aging and dying from both a physiological and human perspective. Written by a recognized pioneer in the field of palliative...
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Engels | Druk: 0006 | Paperback | 9781975153854
Boek cover Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance van Ben Atchison (Paperback)
Lippincott® Connect Featured Title Purchase of the new print edition of this Lippincott® Connect title includes access to the digital version of the book, plus related materials such as videos and multiple-choice Q&A and self-assessments. &;The only text covering the pathophysiology of common diseases specifically relative to Occupational Therapy practice, Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance, 6th Edition, combines the most up-to-date insights and an engaging approach to ready students for success from the classroom to clinical settings. This updated...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9781529363623
Boek cover Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity van Dr Jenna Macciochi (Onbekend)
Personalise your diet and lifestyle for better health
Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity breaks down the science behind our health and shares the secrets of how to be well, for good. Expert immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi has over 20 years' experience as a scientist researching the impact of lifestyle on the immune system in health and disease. Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity guides you through your very own health MOT and includes 20+ delicious and simple recipes to help you nourish your body. Jenna will help you audit your current lifestyle so you are able to identify key areas that might not be serving your health well. In Part Two,...
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Engels | Druk: 0006 | Paperback | 9781975175658
Boek cover Theoretical Basis for Nursing van Melanie McEwen (Paperback)
Providing an essential overview of nursing theory in a single, straightforward text, Theoretical Basis for Nursing, 6th Edition, equips students with the knowledge and understanding to apply nursing theory to practice and improve as nurses. Unlike some nursing theory texts, this AJN Award-winning resource goes beyond demonstrating the application of theory to teach students—regardless of their level of experience in theory—to think critically and analyze, evaluate, and apply theories with confidence. This updated 6th Edition remains the most concise and contemporary nursing theory text...
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