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Engels | Luisterboek | 9780008453572
Boek cover Welcome to Motherhood, Bitches: The Real Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond van Victoria Emes (Onbekend)
The real guide to pregnancy, birth and beyond. I’m assuming you’ve picked up this book because you’re either curious about having kids, you’re currently up the duff, or you’re stumbling through the early days of parenthood with a mattress-sized sanitary towel between your legs wondering what the hell has just happened. That, or you’re killing time in WHSmith, waiting for your flight to Ibiza. You lucky bastard. Either way, this book is your pregnancy, birth and postpartum BFF. Welcome to Motherhood, Bitches is your one-stop, no-filter guide to everything from swollen vulvas...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9780008506476
Boek cover Life, Death and Biscuits van Anthea Allen (Onbekend)
‘A heart-breaking story of courage and compassion from the front line of the toughest battle our nurses have had to fight. Anthea Allen’s writing is raw, honest and full of love for those she cares for.’ Susanna Reid An extraordinarily powerful memoir based on the diaries of intensive care nurse Anthea Allen, who worked on the front line of one of the largest hospitals in Europe – St. George’s in South London – during the peak of the Covid crisis. Her gripping and incredibly moving recollections have been feted by a great range of people, from Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9780008507527
Boek cover Neglected: Scared, hungry and alone, Jamey craves affection van Cathy Glass (Onbekend)
Little Jamey, 2½ years old, is placed with experienced foster carer, Cathy Glass, as an emergency. The police and social services had no choice after a neighbour reported Jamey had been left alone all night while his mother went out partying. Scared, hungry and withdrawn, Jamey has spent so much time in his cot that his leg muscles haven’t developed, and he can barely walk. He is craving affection, and Cathy and her family find him very easy to love. However, as Jamey begins to settle in and make progress a new threat emerges. Coronavirus and lockdown changes everything.
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9781398702875
Boek cover Love to Sleep van Eve Squires (Onbekend)
Good Nights and Happy Days for Your Child and You
'My sleep angels!' Izzy Judd 'These women are a lifeline to shattered parents everywhere' Rachaele Hambleton, Part Time Working Mummy Calm & Bright Sleep Support was founded in 2009 with a mission; to help exhausted parents enable solid sleep in a brand-new way. Headed up by Devon sisters Eve, founder and Mum-of-four & paediatric nurse of 18 years Gem, they have supported thousands of families around the world to get the sleep they need. Now it's your turn! In their ground-breaking book Love to Sleep: Good Nights and Happy Days for Your Child and You, Eve and Gem reveal the pivotal...
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Mark Ashby | 9781945501180
Boek cover A Coin for the Ferryman van Megan Edwards (Onbekend)
A Novel
The story can now be told. In 1999, an elite interdisciplinary team headed by Nobel laureate Andrew Danicek gathered in California to carry out a ground-breaking time-travel experiment. While the rest of the world remained unaware, Julius Caesar was successfully transported from the last day of his life to a specially-constructed covert facility. Four days of conversation with historians and Latin scholars were planned, followed by Caesar’s return to the moment from which he was extracted. But despite the team’s meticulous efforts to maintain secrecy and plan for all possible...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9781405552301
Boek cover How to Be a Calm Parent van Sarah Ockwell-Smith (Onbekend)
Lose the guilt, control your anger and tame the stress - for more peaceful and enjoyable parenting and calmer, happier children too
Pre-order Sarah Ockwell-Smith's indispensable guide to more peaceful and enjoyable parenting How to Be a Calm Parent is part self-help book, part parenting book; aimed at parents who know that they need to be calmer to raise well adjusted, happy children, but who struggle with their own emotions and stress levels. How to Be a Calm Parent will include twelve chapters, each with important takeaway messages and exercises for parents to practice, to make a real and tangible change in their parenting. Topics the book will cover include: *Understanding your triggers and making peace with...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9780241570838
Boek cover Fatherhood by Papa B van Bode Aboderin (Onbekend)
A Game-changing Guide for Parents, Father Figures and Fathers-to-be
A relatable and practical guide, shaking up the narrative on what it means to be a present-day father Father of three, Motivational Speaker and Influencer Bodé Aboderin (AKA Papa B) is on a mission to show the world that Black fatherhood is not only compatible with ambition, but can inspire, nourish and amplify it too. Doing away with the negative stereotypes associated with being a Black dad in Britain, Papa B is using his natural flair for motivational speech to share the joyful and transformative journey of starting a family, including the challenges involved and the opportunities to...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9780008467937
Boek cover They Don’t Teach This at School: Essential knowledge to tackle everyday challenges van Myleene Klass (Onbekend)
A fully illustrated, practical guide full of essential skills and knowledge that school didn’t prepare us for We may have learned how to use a scientific calculator in school or read a periodic table, but what about lessons on unplugging the sink or changing a light bulb? Musician, influencer, mother of three and stepmother of two, Myleene Klass shows us how she builds independence and resourcefulness in her children in this illustrated guide to over 100 of the most vital skills, challenges and scenarios that school didn’t prepare us for. Learn everything from performing first aid...
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: P.J Morgan | 9781945501555
Boek cover Freaks van Brett Riley (Onbekend)
A Novel
Hunted by monsters. Wanted for questioning. Late for class. Four high-school friends suffer daily humiliation at the hands of three bullies. When the friends accidentally open a portal to another dimension, they unintentionally allow terrifying, other-worldly creatures to invade their small Arkansas town. Discovering that they are now endowed with strange superpowers, the four teens dub themselves “Freaks,” the very name their tormentors used to ridicule them. The Freaks must fight to save the lives of family and friends now in mortal peril and thwart a secret government task force...
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Italiaanstalig | Luisterboek | Verteller: Marco Ferrini | 9788854706538
Boek cover La Funzione Evolutiva della Famiglia van Marco Ferrini (Onbekend)
“Non siamo finiti in una certa famiglia per sbaglio o per caso: siamo nati là dove esattamente dovevamo nascere” (Marco Ferrini). Questo è il punto di partenza di un affascinante viaggio alla ricerca delle proprie origini, là dove prendono forma le condizioni che determineranno la nostra collocazione in seno ad una famiglia capace di fornire educazione e sostegno oppure deprivante e fonte di profondi stati di sofferenza e solitudine. Accompagnati per mano da uno dei massimi esponenti mondiali della Tradizione Bhaktivedantica, impariamo a riscoprire le sottili corrispondenze che legano...
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