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Engels | Hardcover | 9781409197966
Boek cover Frozen in Time van Rhys Charles (Hardcover)
Fossils of Great Britain and Where to Find Them
A vibrant and richly detailed guide to fossils for readers with a passion for the natural world and those that inhabited it long ago. This is a book for those that want to learn to scan the beach for fossils, who love the simple pleasure of getting outside or those who want to develop their relationship with the world around them. From the Jurassic Coast to the Antrim Coast, our nation is home to some of the most incredible fossil sites in the world. Weaving an intricate tapestry of knowledge on the landscape of our own pre-historic planet, palaeontologist and Education Officer of the...
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Engels | Druk: 2nd Edition | Paperback | 9781119478850
Boek cover Volcanoes van John P. Lockwood (Paperback)
Global Perspectives
Since the publication of the first edition of Volcanoes in 2010, our world of volcanology has changed in exciting ways. Volcanoes have continued to erupt (some 61 eruptions with VEI magnitudes greater than 3 have taken place since 2010), and in this revised and updated edition, the authors describe the largest of these, and the ones that have had the most impact on society. Volcanoes, Second Edition, contains more than 80 new photographs and figures to better illustrate volcanic features and processes, with an updated Bibliography that includes important papers describing recent eruptions and...
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Engels | Druk: 2nd edition | Hardcover | 9780444533531
Boek cover Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy van Octavian Catuneanu (Hardcover)
Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy, Second Edition presents principles to practical workflow that guide applications in a consistent manner that is independent of model, geological setting and the types and resolution of the data available. The book explains the points of agreement and difference between the various approaches to sequence stratigraphy, while also defining the common ground that affords the standard application of the method. This enables the practitioner to avoid nomenclatural and methodological confusions and apply sequence stratigraphy. The text is richly illustrated with...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789044541502
Boek cover Oerbos van Dore van Duivenbode (Paperback)
De strijd om de Europese natuur
Hoe moeten we omgaan met de bossen van Midden-Europa? Rond die vraag lopen de gemoederen de laatste jaren hoog op, waarbij Oost- en West-Europese ideeën over de natuur lijnrecht tegenover elkaar staan. Wat willen we het liefste conserveren – bizons, bomen of ozne tradities? Waarom werd er onlangs een Roemeense boswachter vermoord? Waar komt al het illegaal gekapte hout eigenlijk terecht? In een poging tot antwoorden te komen neemt Dore van Duivenbode haar intrek in een Pools internaat voor jonge boswachters in opleiding, observeert ze als vrijwilliger in een Nationaal Park wolvendrollen...
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Engels | Druk: 5th edition | Spiraalgebonden | 9780323905497
Boek cover Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production, and Workover van PhD PE William C. Lyons (Onbekend)
All the Formulas You Need to Solve Drilling and Production Problems
Updated for today's engineer, Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production, and Workover, Fifth Edition delivers the quick answers for daily petroleum challenges. Starting with a review of basic equations, calculations, and many worked examples, this reference offers a quick look up of topics such as drilling fluids, pressure control, and air and gas calculations. The formulas and calculations are provided in either English field units or in metric units. Additional topics include cementing, subsea considerations, well hydraulics, hydraulic fracturing methods, and drill string design...
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Engels | Druk: 0003 | Hardcover | 9781032033013
Boek cover Field Sampling Methods for Remedial Investigations van Mark Edward Byrnes (Hardcover)
Originally published in 1994, the first edition of Field Sampling Methods for Remedial Investigations soon became a premier resource in this field. The Princeton Groundwater course designated it as one of the top books on the market that addresses strategies for groundwater characterization, groundwater well installation, well completion, and groundwater sampling. This long awaited third edition provides most current and most cost-effective environmental media characterization methods and approaches supporting all aspects of remediation activities. This book integrates recommendations from...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9789056159047
Boek cover Dinosauriërs van Michael J. Benton (Hardcover)
Hoe ze er werkelijk uitzagen
‘Verbluffende, mooie paleokunst. Nu zien we hoe de dinosauriërs er echt uitzagen.’ — CNN ‘Benton neemt je mee terug naar de dinotijd ... in full colour, aan de hand van het nieuwste onderzoek.’ — Anne Schulp, hoogleraar vertebratenpaleontologie aan de Universiteit Utrecht en onderzoeker bij Naturalis in Leiden Hoe zagen dinosauriërs er echt uit? Daarover is de afgelopen jaren veel duidelijk geworden. Nieuwe wetenschappelijke technieken maken het mogelijk de huid, de schubben, de veren en de werkelijke kleuren van dino’s en ander oerdieren te reconstrueren. De resultaten...
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Engels | Druk: 2nd edition | Paperback | 9780323959247
Boek cover Practical Petroleum Geochemistry for Exploration and Production van Harry Dembicki (Paperback)
Practical Petroleum Geochemistry for Exploration and Production, Second Edition provides readers with a single reference that addresses the principle concepts and applications of petroleum geochemistry used in finding, evaluating, and producing petroleum deposits. The revised volume includes a new chapter on environmental forensic applications of petroleum geochemistry. With the current emphasis on environmental issues (pollution, climate changes, and corporate responsibility), information about how petroleum geochemistry can be used to recognize these problems, determine their source, help...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9789401485333
Boek cover Maria Sibylla Merian. Changing the Nature of Art and Science van Marieke van Delft (Hardcover)
Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) staat de laatste jaren volop in de aandacht. Het leven en werk van deze in Duitsland geboren vrouw, die zich later in Nederland zou vestigen, worden bestudeerd door entomologen, botanici en historici en zijn een inspiratiebron voor hedendaagse kunstenaars en schrijvers. In 2016 gaf Lannoo, in samenwerking met de Koninklijke Bibliotheek, haar meesterwerk Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium uit als facsimile. Dit Engelstalige boek bundelt de recentste wetenschappelijke kennis over deze opmerkelijke vrouw. De auteurs onderzoeken onder meer Merians...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780295751009
Boek cover Homewaters van David B. Williams (Paperback)
A Human and Natural History of Puget Sound
Not far from Seattle skyscrapers live 150-year-old clams, more than 250 species of fish, and underwater kelp forests as complex as any terrestrial ecosystem. For millennia, vibrant Coast Salish communities have lived beside these waters dense with nutrient-rich foods, with cultures intertwined through exchanges across the waterways. Transformed by settlement and resource extraction, Puget Sound and its future health now depend on a better understanding of the region's ecological complexities. Focusing on the area south of Port Townsend and between the Cascade and Olympic mountains,...
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