Boek cover Teaching Students Geriatric Research van Margaret A Perkinson

Teaching Students Geriatric Research

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uitgever Routledge
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat Adobe ePub
Illustraties Met illustraties
Auteur(s) Margaret A Perkinson | Kathryn Braun
Redacteur Margaret A. Perkinson
Co-redacteur Kathryn L. Braun
Uitgever Routledge
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Teach your students essential skills in conducting research, building collaborative partnerships, and working with clients and caregivers!

This important book provides health care educators with information, examples, and suggestions to help teach students appropriate research techniques amidst a growing demand for evidence-based practices. Offering two effective and efficient methods, the apprenticeship model and the partnership model, Teaching Students Geriatric Research will show you how to incorporate these research fundamentals in an already heavy courseload. By providing conceptual rationales and guidelines for these models and directions on how to use them, this thorough guide will assist you in enhancing research training for your students and preparing them for a career in the health professional field.

Through this unique book, you will find clear descriptions and illustrations of the apprenticeship and partnership models of research to help you provide your students with a hands-on leaning experience. Teaching Students Geriatric Research provides you with guidelines and suggestions on how to successfully use both models of training described in this book, such as:

  • exploring guidelines for training students and incorporating them into ongoing research

  • discussing students’reflections on the relevance of research training for professional development based on their own experiences as research apprentices

  • discovering the various skills that students can develop as a result of their involvement in research training apprenticeships

  • finding that the skills students learn through the research process will benefit their future clinical practice and client intervention

  • realizing how students’research apprenticeship can sensitize them to family caregiving issues and problems

  • alerting students to the potential role of occupational therapists in enhancing occupational performance by maximizing fit between the caregiver, environment, and roles or occupation by matching the personality of the caregiver with their occupation

  • examining useful and concrete suggestions on developing fruitful partnerships between faculty, students, and service providers, as well as discussing the factors involved in the successes of collaboration from an already existing collaboration between rehabilitation hospital and a major university

    With Teaching Students Geriatric Research, you will discover the potential in each approach for improving the research training among students in your academic situation. You will gain valuable insight from student perspectives on what they learned as well as proven suggestions from faculty researchers’perspective to provide you with a complete overview of how to enhance and enrich the academic experiences of your students.

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