Boek cover Smoke Screen van Thomas Enger (Onbekend)

Smoke Screen

Engels | E-book | 9781913193577
Onbekend 6,99
nog geen rating
uitgever Orenda Books
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat Adobe ePub
Illustraties Nee
Auteur(s) Thomas Enger | Jorn Lier Horst | Thomas Enger
Uitgever Orenda Books
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When the mother of a missing two-year-old girl is seriously injured in a suspected terrorist attack in Oslo, crime-fighting duo Blix and Ramm join forces to investigate the case, and things aren’t adding up … The second instalment in an addictive, atmospheric, award-winning series.

‘An exercise in literary tag-teaming from two of Norway’s biggest crime writers with a bold new take … a series with potential’ Sunday Times

‘Grim, gory and filled with plenty of dark twists … There’s definitely a Scandinavian chill in the air with this fascinating read’ Sun

‘Alongside Jo Nesbo’s Knife, Smoke Screen is this summer’s most anticipated read, and it doesn’t disappoint’ Tvedestrandsposten, Norway


Oslo, New Year’s Eve. The annual firework celebration is rocked by an explosion, and the city is put on terrorist alert.

Police officer Alexander Blix and blogger Emma Ramm are on the scene, and when a severely injured survivor is pulled from the icy harbour, she is identified as the mother of two-year-old Patricia Smeplass, who was kidnapped on her way home from kindergarten ten years earlier … and never found.

Blix and Ramm join forces to investigate the unsolved case, as public interest heightens, the terror threat is raised, and it becomes clear that Patricia’s disappearance is not all that it seems…


Praise for the Blix & Ramm series:

‘Everything about this crime novel sings, the relationship between Blix and Emma, which is complex, but also the relationship between Blix and Fosse and Kovic. The past bleeds into the present and the clever melding of the strands of the story and the slow reveal of details that propel the story is masterly. This tale often surprises or shifts in subtle ways that are pleasing and avoid cliché. As the opener for a new series this is a cracker, long live the marriage of Horst and Enger’ New Books Magazine

‘A fast-moving, punchy, serial killer investigative novel with a whammy of an ending. If this is the first in the Blix and Ramm series, then here’s to many more!’ LoveReading

‘A clever, gripping crime novel with personality, flair, and heart’ Crime by the Book

‘A stunningly excellent collaboration from Thomas Enger and Jorn Lier Horst …. It’s a brutal tale of fame, murder, and reality TV that gets the pulse racing’ Russel McLean

‘Now — what happens when you put two of the most distinguished writers of Nordic noir in tandem? Death Deserved by Thomas Enger and Jørn Lier Horst suggests it was a propitious publishing move; a ruthless killer is pursued by a tenacious celebrity blogger and a damaged detective’ Financial Times

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