Boek cover The Handbook for Integrity in the Department of Justice van Dennis Aubuchon

The Handbook for Integrity in the Department of Justice

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Auteur(s) Dennis Aubuchon
Uitgever Smashwords Edition
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The Department of Justice is a critical part of the federal government and as such it deserves a review not only of the responsibilities but how they accomplish their responsibilities. Basically the function is to enforce federal law or they defend the federal government in cases before a court such as the Supreme Court.

This book will look at the processes and procedures in place to determine if changes need to be made to make this department more efficient to ensure all federal laws are enforced to the full extent. Integrity is important for any government entity but no more so than this department. Facts will be presented and in some cases suggestions may be made to improve the function of this department. There must be equal justice under the law and no one is above the law and the responsibility of this department to ensure this is the case.

Recently there have been instances where the media has jumped to conclusions about situations and Congress in their infinite wisdom conducts investigations and draws conclusions. At this point these results are submitted to the Department of Justice for further action. It is the responsibility of this Department to vet all investigations and not just accept conclusions by other entities such as Congress before taking legal action. Laws must be enforced but allegations of crimes must be verified.

This book is about the various entities within the Department of Justice and the processes in place to make decisions according to the laws and in some cases regulations on the books. This subjects presented it was felt were needed to be presented and discussed to identify and evaluate the decision making process to ensure any decision is based on the facts not opinion. Opinion has no place in enforcing the laws for which this department is responsible. Decisions must be based on the facts and determine if any violations exist and if so to take appropriate action. It is time for this department get serious about enforcing federal laws and the Constitution and stop ignoring crimes which have been committed with no repercussions

This is the top law enforcement organization in the country and it needs to start acting like it. Laws are meant to be equally applied to all individuals regardless of stature. No one is above the law. Investigations into multiple issues are ongoing as I am writing this book and this department should let the facts take them to their conclusion whatever it is and whoever it impacts. Conclusions need to be based on fact not opinion if there is no clear cut conclusion whether a crime has been committed then the investigation should be discontinued.

There are many topics and activities included in this book some of which are relevant today while others may be topics we never think about. The approach taken in this book is about bringing a better understanding of the responsibilities of this department along with the processes involved in making decisions about investigations.

Much is going on at this time and the focus is on this department and what it may do concerning actions taken by individuals involving political decisions. The decisions made by some individuals it appears violated not only the laws on the books but the processes in place for this department. The decisions to be made by the current Attorney General may have far reaching impact concerning the future of our country and whether we will remain a constitutional government built on laws to be enforced for all individuals. No one should be above the law regardless of political affiliation or the people they know.

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