Boek cover Globalization van Thomas Hylland Eriksen


The Key Concepts

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Auteur(s) Thomas Hylland Eriksen | Alban Butler
Uitgever Routledge
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For the first time in human history, the vast majority of the world’s population is connected through trade, travel, production, media and politics. Ours is an era of ubiquitous mobile communication, economic outsourcing, mass migration and imported consumer goods. At the same time, people everywhere are concerned to keep their identities rooted and sense of place in the face of momentous change.This new edition of Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s concise and engaging landmark textbook outlines the main debates and controversies around globalization, and develops a unique perspective to show how globalization is an inherently double process, taking place both from above and below. Each chapter is supported by boxed case studies and bullet points summarizing the core information, suggestions for further reading, and essay and discussion questions, making this the ideal guide for both the classroom and independent study. Focusing on key concepts of globalization and drawing on international examples, this book is essential for anyone wishing to understand the fundamental processes underlying the contemporary world and the consequences these have for all of us.

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