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How to thrive through the covid crisis

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uitgever Piatkus
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An essential toolkit for life and work during lockdown - and beyond

You've stockpiled enough baked beans and toilet roll to last for 6 months. Now what do you do?

As you shut the door on the world, you try to keep a lid on your anxiety. Work is going crazy, as the business world is turned upside down. You rush between keeping your boss happy, your children schooled and everyone fed. Despite endless cleaning, the house remains resolutely chaotic. Your thoughts pirouette in worry over health, loved ones and finances. As the day spins away from you, you ask yourself 'How will I get through this period?'... and that´s exactly the wrong question to ask.

In BUSY@HOME, business psychologist Tony Crabbe, explains that when we aim higher than 'getting through', we perform better, enjoy ourselves more and have more resilience. This deeply practical guide, based on extensive psychological research, will help you and your family navigate this unsettling and pressurized time. BUSY@HOME also reveals how to use the disruption of our routines, habits and endless busyness as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a reset.

This is not a book about surviving covid confinement; it´s about thriving through this crisis, and building more bounce into your life beyond.

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