Boek cover Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean van Hugo César Rangel Bravo (Onbekend)

Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean

Its Rich History and Bright Future

Engels | E-book | 9781789242454
Onbekend 138,99
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uitgever Cab International
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat -600586
Auteur(s) Hugo César Rangel Bravo | Jorge L. Ayala Sifontes | Charlotte E. Causton | Guillermo Cabrera Walsh | Fermin Blanco | Onbekend | Helga Blanco-Metzler | Anobel Barba | César Basso | Ronald D. Cave | Carmen C. Castillo | Lorena Barra-Bucarei | Wagner Bettiol | Mary Whu | Leopoldo Hidalgo | Takumasa Kondo | Maria Elena Marquez | Mayra Ramos | Nancy M. Greco | Alelino Pitty | Fernando Gallardo-Covas | Rogelio Trabanino | Jose Roberto Postali Parra | Phillipe Ryckewaert | Mayra G. Rodriguez | Karina Punschke | Victor Adolfo Gomez Lopez | Adela Ribeiro | Jean-Francois Vayssieres | Beatriz Rodriguez-Velez | Alies van Sauers-Muller | Luis L. Vazquez | Colmar Serra | Michelle A. Sherwood | Bruno Zachrisson | Javier P. Franco | Dr Matthew Cock | José Morales Sanchez | Ayub Khan | Luis V. Crespo | Patricia Castillo | Wendy-Ann P. Isaac | Lidcay Herrera | Maria R. Manzano | Andrés France Iglesias | Patricio G. Gallegos | Francisco Ferrer | Norma Mujica | Edwin E. Sosa | Willy Chiaravalle | Ximena Cibils | Maitrie Jagroep | Olgaly Ramos-Rodriguez | Gloria Resquin Romero | Alba Marina Cotes | Onbekend | Rossy Morera-Montoya | Luis Devotto Moreno | Carlos Vasquez
Redacteur Joop C van Lenteren
Co-redacteur Yelitza C Colmenarez
Uitgever Cab International
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The book summarizes the history of biological control in Latin America and the Caribbean. Few publications provide historical detail and the records are, therefore, fragmented until now. By bringing information together in this book, we offer a more complete picture of important developments in biological control on this continent. There are a wealth of text, tables and references about the history of such projects, and which were successful and which failed. This will help plan future biocontrol projects. An overview is provided of the current situation in biological control for many Latin American and Caribbean countries, revealing an astonishing level of practical biological control applied in the region, making it the largest area under biological control worldwide. The final part describes new developments and speculates about the future of biological control in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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