Afbeelding van The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Engels | Luisterboek | 9780593150122 | Speelduur: 09:30:48

Erving Goffman
3.5 op 5 sterren
uitgever Random House Audio
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Luisterboek
Afmetingen 20,3 x 13,3 x 1,9 cm
Speelduur 09:30:48
Illustraties Nee
Uitgever Random House Audio
NUR code 741

Beschrijving product

A notable contribution to our understanding of ourselves. This book explores the realm of human behavior in social situations and the way that we appear to others. Dr. Goffman uses the metaphor of theatrical performance as a framework. Each person in everyday social intercourse presents himself and his activity to others, attempts to guide and cotnrol the impressions they form of him, and employs certain techniques in order to sustain his performance, just as an actor presents a character to an audience. The discussions of these social techniques offered here are based upon detailed research and observation of social customs in many regions.

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