Boek cover Boswells London Journal van James Boswell (Onbekend)

Boswell's London Journal

Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Anthony Quayle | 9781780002941 | Speelduur: 00:52:45
Onbekend 12,08
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uitgever The Copyright Group
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Luisterboek
Speelduur 00:52:45
Auteur(s) James Boswell
Verteller(s) Anthony Quayle
Uitgever The Copyright Group
Studieboek Nee


In 1762, 22-year old James Boswell left Edinburg for London. This portion of his personal journals documents the nine months that followed. Filled with detail, description, and zest for life, Boswell's London Journal provides a frank and accurate picture of both the young man and London in the early 1760s. While many of Boswell's journals have been published, this one gained popularity for its racier entries as well as its descriptions of Boswell's first encounter with Samuel Johnson, who would later be the subject of his most famous written work, the biography Life of Johnson. This audiobook contains a wonderful reading by the talented Sir Anthony Quale.

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