Boek cover Cloud Native van Boris Scholl

Cloud Native

Using Containers, Functions, and Data to Build Next-Generation Applications

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Auteur(s) Boris Scholl | Trent Swanson | Peter Jausovec
Uitgever O'Reilly Media
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Developers often struggle when first encountering the cloud. Learning about distributed systems, becoming familiar with technologies such as containers and functions, and knowing how to put everything together can be daunting. With this practical guide, you’ll get up to speed on patterns for building cloud native applications and best practices for common tasks such as messaging, eventing, and DevOps.

Authors Boris Scholl, Trent Swanson, and Peter Jausovec describe the architectural building blocks for a modern cloud native application. You’ll learn how to use microservices, containers, serverless computing, storage types, portability, and functions. You’ll also explore the fundamentals of cloud native applications, including how to design, develop, and operate them.

  • Explore the technologies you need to design a cloud native application
  • Distinguish between containers and functions, and learn when to use them
  • Architect applications for data-related requirements
  • Learn DevOps fundamentals and practices for developing, testing, and operating your applications
  • Use tips, techniques, and best practices for building and managing cloud native applications
  • Understand the costs and trade-offs necessary to make an application portable

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