Boek cover Plant Genetic Resources and Climate Change van Gerald Secor Couzens (Onbekend)

Plant Genetic Resources and Climate Change

Engels | E-book | 9781789244342
Onbekend 100,99
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uitgever Cab International
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat -600586
Auteur(s) Gerald Secor Couzens | Robert Zeigler | Mauricio Bellon | Nora Castaneda Alvarez | Andy Jarvis | Ianto Thomas | Helen Ougham | Sue Armstrong | Pv Prasad | Pam Berry | Wayne Powell | Abdelbagi Ismail | John Sheehy | Richard Betts | David Mackill | Jeremy Pritchard | William Erskine | Professor Nigel Maxted | Ben Vosman | Hari Upadhyaya | Colette Broekgaarden | Nigel Maxted | Kenneth McNally | Geoff Hawtin | Salvatore Ceccarelli
Redacteur Michael Jackson
Co-redacteur Brian Ford-Lloyd
Uitgever Cab International
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* Provides specific examples of germplasm research related to climate change threats * Edited by internationally renowned experts in the field * The final chapter of the book draws a synthesis of the many issues raised within the book

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