Boek cover Sex Scandal van Ashley Mcguire

Sex Scandal

The Drive to Abolish Male and Female

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uitgever Blackstone Publishing
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Luisterboek
Speelduur 07:09:00
Illustraties Nee
Uitgever Blackstone Publishing


Welcome to the troubling age of sex-denialism—the age of gender-neutral labels, rigidly enforced equality, unisex spaces, and the systematic eradication of sexual difference. In her debut book, Sex Scandal, journalist Ashley McGuire investigates the alarming nationwide push to ignore the natural, biological distinctions between men and women that have been at the core of functioning human society since the dawn of time. McGuire reports shocking examples of progressive sex-denialism—from American schools, offices, bathrooms, and bedrooms—and reveals the most startling and alarming trend of all: that the frontline victims of our new "gender-neutral" world are young women and girls, the very people progressive activists claim to be championing.

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