Boek cover Another Fine Mess van Tim Moore

Another Fine Mess

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uitgever Vintage Digital
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Luisterboek
Speelduur 10:17:08
Illustraties Nee
Uitgever Vintage Digital
NUR code 640
Thema Qualifier Code 1KBB , 3MRB
Thema Subject Code WTLP , JPF , WGC , RGCP


Random House presents the audiobook edition of Another Fine Mess, written and read by Tim Moore.

Lacking even the most basic mechanical knowhow, Tim Moore sets out to cross Trumpland USA in an original Model T Ford. Armed only with a fan belt made of cotton, wooden wheels and a trunkload of "wise-ass Limey liberal gumption', his route takes him exclusively through Donald-voting counties, meeting the everyday folks who voted red along the way.

He meets a people defined by extraordinary generosity, willing to shift heaven and earth to keep him on the road. And yet, this is clearly a nation in conflict with itself: citizens "tooling up' in reaction to ever-increasing security fears; a healthcare system creaking to support sugar-loaded soda lovers; a disintegrating rust belt all but forgotten by the warring media and political classes.

With his trademark blend of slapstick humour, affable insight and butt-clenching peril, Tim Moore invites us on an unforgettable road trip through Trump's America. Buckle up!

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