Boek cover PandaGungun :Find a new home van Zhang Weiyun

Panda''Gungun'' :Find a new home

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uitgever Juvenile&Children'S Publishing House
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat Adobe ePub
Aanbevolen leeftijd 3 - 5 jaar
Co-auteur Ye Xiaoqing
Uitgever Juvenile&Children'S Publishing House
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Taal zh


This book is an animal comic book, telling the story of a panda, together with its friend, a lesser panda and a bamboo rat, finding a new home when the bamboos in their old habitats blossom. The leading roles in the story are a panda named Gungun, a lesser panda named Brother Nine, and a bamboo rat named Bamboo Girl. During their journey to find a new home, they meet various animals and have many unexpected experiences, such as the attack from the leopard or the barrier of the highway, while they successfully find their new home after overcoming all the difficulties.In this book, there is also some scientific knowledge presented in the form of knowledge card called "Gungun's Encyclopedia", such as the eating habit and digestive system of the giant panda, the difference between the giant panda and the lesser panda, the physiological characteristic of the bamboo rat, and the influence of habitat fragmentation on wild animals. The whole plot is easy and simple for young children to understand.

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