Boek cover On Death without Dignity van David Wendell Moller

On Death without Dignity

The Human Impact of Technological Dying

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uitgever Routledge
Taal Engels
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Uitgever Routledge
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NUR code 770
Subtitel The Human Impact of Technological Dying
Thema Subject Code JMH , JHBZ


Candidly written, ''''On Death Without Dignity: The Human Impact of Technological Dying'''', attempts to re-humanize the inevitable biological occurrence called dying. It is Moller's view that through the advancement of medicalized technology, has come the demise of the contemporary dying process. The oncological death is reflected as failure in the part of modern medicine, the physician, and the hospital; yet the patient experiences alienation, stigma, helplessness, and normlessness. Yet as a culture the current societal approach to the dying-silent avoidance-only adds to this alienation. Society has failed to provide the necessary rules for this universal, social, and biological event.

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