Afbeelding van Pillow Thoughts

Pillow Thoughts

Engels | E-book | 9781449490003

Courtney Peppernell
4.5 op 5 sterren
uitgever Andrews McMeel Publishing
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat Adobe ePub
Illustraties Nee
Illustrator Ms Rosy Bullot
Co-illustrator Ms Rosy Bullot
Redacteur Ms Emma Batting
Uitgever Andrews McMeel Publishing
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NUR code 306

Beschrijving product

Make a cup of tea and let yourself feel.

Pillow Thoughts is a collection of poetry and prose about heartbreak, love, and raw emotions. It is divided into sections to read when you feel you need them most.

Courtney Peppernell is an LGBT author from Sydney, Australia. Her biggest aim is to help others realize they are not alone in their feelings or challenges. When Courtney isn't writing, she enjoys keeping fit, listening to music, dabbling in DIY projects, and training her dog, Hero.

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