Boek cover The (Whole-Womb-Hole) van Ssaint-Jems

The (Whole-Womb-Hole)

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uitgever Smashwords Edition
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
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Auteur(s) Ssaint-Jems
Uitgever Smashwords Edition
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To Her---ARTHUR a KNIGHT in Shining Armor

Ssaint-Jems---1K to 900k - 1M to 900M - 1B to 900B

In the Modernity of . . .

Bible - Qur'an - Bahai Faith - Taoism - Confucianism - Buddhism - Zen - Jainism

Sikhism - Hinduism - Zoroastrian - Bhagavadgita - Kojiki - Catholicism - Look Who's Talking

Latter Day Saints: Past Present Victory-1804 Millennium---The (OVUM) Creation

Understanding the GREATER-BODY . . .

(O) OVUM - Zona Pellucida - Corona Radiata

ETERNITY - Solar Space - Wormhole Space

CHROMOSOME XX and XY - Pussy/Whole - Zygote

Despite the spiritually egregious Put-down of the british-atheist---the OVUMS' (WHOLE-WOMB-HOLE) has been, and is now gradually coming ALIVE; Superseding countless downfalls---from the remarkable Survival that tenaciously grew-OVER---the wilted massacre of Parsley fields, the sudden eradication of the de-thorn Trujillo---try to poisonously keep up, in soul-shattering evil: the el corte of this highest-Uppercut in Happily being alive after Winning a war---is like going from a Billionaire, to the Trillionaires' reparation---that lounges at the sublime Top of the More-Than-Rich punctuation---into the Golden Stem of the Holiest Floor; where it is the Stellar Mansion is Fantastically Harbored---while (amidst) the Heavenly casualty of the Greater Body's Know-How that Foresee this very creation: in which a humble Lord of a Very Much Kind---is providing the Enlightenment from a Never-Ending-Ceiling---in the reaching root of the micro seed---into the Macro Garden of the (OVUM UNIVERSE).

The Creative Chronology that governs our Chromosomal Existence, that's now in Upper Motion is---moving back Up again: hole-Womb-WHOLE. The Time-Line of these stages---is equal to the Eon or so, when the Ovum's very First Study of itself became---Wise enough to create through the exclusive Enlightenment of its Universe/sity: we are now at the Universe of the XX stage---where xy had prior dominion. As we begin to leave the lowest part of Xy's dark: the Bad-Man Choir of the X---are giving birth to straight-UP Saints---who Guardian the Creator's creations as Archangels, where the holiness of the endless Dawn lives in enlightenment forever---where it's Clear to See the infinite creation of the (Pussy/Whole) that ALL-THE-ABOVE---at the Highest Stage of the XX dimension: from the lowest point of the y to where it reaches the X---it then enters the Purgatory at port of Spain---up into the opening-TOP of the Elysian-Field---where the Sky-Bound XX-Chromosome is Honorably---Free.

Those who were in love with the Virgin Marie, were and are still---Light Years ahead in knowing---(She Shapes Our All): the ATLAS of their marvel embodiment that had to---Carry, while balancing (ALL-of-the-Galaxy)---like the Giglio man does in Mounting her Carmel Womb on the manliness of his brimming shoulder---with the First footsteps into creation by the path of Ma'at---that the Pharaoh and Imhotep first Knew; in which the Torch of the Enlightened Creation was then later held by the Olympian's Greek Mythology; to where the Hindu (Birth) of Vishnu came alive---shoulder to Shoulder next to Shangdi and Buddha; where then Christian and Roman began to bring back the Virgin Lady---to where it Now Is---the: Universally-Plural-Creation of, The (OVUM) Scripture, is born---Again.

Ssaint-Jems - A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR, He Went to Carry the Word to the Heathen

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