Boek cover Komrads Russian Street Photography by John D Williams van John Williams

Komrads Russian Street Photography by John D Williams

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uitgever Smashwords Edition
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
Auteur(s) John Williams
Uitgever Smashwords Edition
Studieboek Nee


Thank you for investing in the "Komrads" street photographer's book. Within this book you will envisage the best street candid pictures of people of Russia.

As one of the most audacious street photographers John D Williams offers to you unique and compelling images of city people in the urban environment, as well as the rural folk of modern Russia in the 21st century. Committed to creating original visions of documentary photography his work inspires total connectivity between people, existence, and art.

With all things possible his photography captures people in everyday situations, facing the nuances of life and daily events that empower people as they move through the terrific journey of existence. Using powerful and compelling candid black and white photos his street images encapsulate the beauty and enigma of the human existence, the tranquility and benevolence seem to jump out towards us as we peer into the world of Russia, as we walk amongst the streets of the old soviet legacy, and finally towards the bright dynamic future of the lives of modern Russians.

John D Williams offers a potent vision of how urban photographers weave the city and streets to capture the famous people within these energetic locales. I hope you enjoy viewing and reading "Komrads" as much as the photographer enjoyed and was pleased by capturing and presenting the photographs.

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