Boek cover The Roots of America van W. Cleon Skousen (Onbekend)

The Roots of America

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uitgever Verity Publishing, Inc.
Taal Engels
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Auteur(s) W. Cleon Skousen
Uitgever Verity Publishing, Inc.
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During the 1700s, the American Founding Fathers became acutely aware that all mankind is seeking the same three things. Regardless of race, religion, or nationality, all human beings long for: freedom, prosperity, and peace.

Of course, freedom is not an individual or isolated state of being. Freedom can only be enjoyed in a society or nation that is free. By the same token, prosperity and the opportunity to enjoy the good things of life require that the government be structured so that the people have an opportunity to prosper throughout the country. In the same manner, peace is something that one cannot seek for himself alone. It is a condition where the family, the community, and the nation as a whole must enjoy peace or there is no lasting peace for the individual. And it is only when the spirit of a nation is conducive to peace that it can begin to spread outward until peace eventually encompasses the whole world.

It is obvious from the writings of the Founders that they were wondering where they might find a form of government which would allow the people to achieve these three great human aspirations. It is also apparent from their writings that they finally concluded that no such government existed.

So they sat down to create one.

It was a painful undertaking, not only to rediscover the ancient success formula which they eventually uncovered, but to get modern man to accept it. As this study will disclose, one of the most disheartening and frustrating aspects of the American Founders' Constitutional struggle was knowing what to do but encountering stiff resistance when they tried to get the people to do it. The fact that it did finally get into operation is one of the great miracles of modern history.

In this study course we will discuss the origin and birth of the American nation, and how Jefferson discovered America's great success formula. We will discuss the miracle at Philadelphia and the baptism of fire that the nation passed through before the United States could emerge with a strong Constitutional government—a miracle in modern times.

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