Boek cover Their Angry Creed van Herbert Purdy (Paperback)

Their Angry Creed

The Shocking History of Feminism, and How it is Destroying Our Way of Life

Engels | Paperback | 9780957168855
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Taal Engels
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Uitgever Lps Publishing
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Forty-five years after women's liberationists first laid down their challenge, chanting 'Women demand equality!' and 'I'm a second-class citizen', their narratives are now so universally accepted that few people dare speak truth to the power in the land that feminism has undoubtedly become. However, this book does just that. Opening with a startling revelation in 2014 by Mallory Millett, sister of Kate Millett - a mentally-ill Marxist apologist, and probably the prime mover in the women's liberation movement around 1970 - Their Angry Creed is a detailed expose of the gender class war they initiated in those days.Showing how these activists influenced a generation of baby-boom women - many of whom are now in prominent and powerful positions - to seek a seismic shift in the power balance between women and men, the author explains how they have been spectacularly successful in conforming Western democracies to their Marxist worldview, destabilising their societies in the process, by dividing them along the fault line of gender.And, like in the dystopian communist countries Marxists created, feminists are positioning themselves to become a powerful ruling elite that runs society for its own benefit, building a gigantic gravy train upon which only its members have a ticket. Feminism has never been about equality for women, it has no interest in the liberal Enlightenment ideals of equality of opportunity based on merit and the just distribution of social benefit. Feminism is cultural Marxism. It seeks a communist-utopian definition of equality qua sameness: parity disconnected from achievement through merit and ability; and divorced from skills and attributes. For examples of this in action, we need only look at the power-hungry women who are using this false form of equality to gain equal representation in the boardroom, on no other merit than that they are a female: and in politics, where the British Labour Party's shameless pursuit of positive discrimination through all-women prospective parliamentary candidate short lists amounts to flagrant flouting of the democratic process. We see it in the appointment of women bishops in the church of England, and in the vast numbers of women who are taking over command of the police and the armed forces, where feminists are now even demanding that women take up combat roles.And all this is at the expense of the majority of ordinary women who are struggling to meet a myriad of conflicting pressures, and satisfying none. Feminists, whose principal aim is to overturn patriarchy, seek to replace it with a Marxist matriarchy - the social superiority of women - which they are achieving through the destruction of 'bourgeois' marriage, moving mothers of very young children into the workforce en masse and encouraging them to leave their children's early-years care to strangers who are effectively being subsidised by the state; and reengineering the family as the principal building block of society to exclude fathers who are the embodiment of patriarchy. Warning that the feminist elite's endgame is the final overturning of men's social power, and that we are already well on the way to seeing this come about, the author warns of a coming backlash from men.

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