Boek cover Americas Healthcare Transformation van Elizabeth Malcolm (Onbekend)

America's Healthcare Transformation

Strategies and Innovations

Engels | E-book | 9780813572239
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uitgever Rutgers University Press Medicine
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat Adobe ePub
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Auteur(s) Elizabeth Malcolm | Erin S. Dupree | Ju Young Kim | Thomas H. Lee | Tine Hansen-Turton | Alicia D.H. Monroe | Amir Rubin | Nana Ekua Coleman | Jason Gorevic | Victor M. Montori | Susan A. Abookire | Sarah Slight | Sandra A. Weiss | Nikhil G. Thaker | Mark R. Chassin | Mauro Ferrari | Steven R. Steinhubl | Sharyl Wojciechowski | Thomas W. Feeley | Gary S. Kaplan | Alberta t. Pedroja | David W. Bates | Henry H. Ting | Julia D. Andrieni | Deirde Mylod | William S. Weintraub | Kenneth Patric | Kasey R. Boehmer | Marc L. Boom | Kasaiah Makam | Janet J. Teske | Arthur ''Tim'' Garson | James L. Field | Hanh H. Hoang | Elizabeth Malcolm | Arnold Milstein | Kunal N. Karmali | Erin S. Dupree | Philip Greenland
Redacteur Robert A. Phillips
Uitgever Rutgers University Press Medicine
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A revolution in American medicine is in full swing, with the race from fee-for-service to fee-for-value at the front line in an epic battle that will transform healthcare delivery for decades to come. In America’s Healthcare Transformation, eminent physician leader Robert A. Phillips brings together key thought leaders and trail-blazing practitioners, who provide a wide-ranging exploration of the strategies, innovations, and paradigm shifts that are driving this healthcare transformation.

The contributors offer a panoramic look at the dramatic changes happening in the field of medicine, changes that put the patient at the heart of the process. Among other subjects, the essays evaluate innovative high quality and low cost care delivery solutions from around the United States and abroad, describe fundamental approaches to measuring the safety of care and the impact that guidelines have on improving quality of care and outcomes, and make a strong case that insurance reform will fundamentally and irreversibly drive delivery reform. In addition, America’s Healthcare Transformation reviews the role of health information technology in creating safer healthcare, provides a primer on the development of a culture of safety, and highlights ground-breaking new ways to train providers in patient safety and quality. Finally, the book looks at reports from Stanford Health Care and Houston Methodist which outline how successful behaviorally based strategies, anchored in values, can energize and empower employees to deliver a superior patient experience.

Drawing on the wisdom and vision of today’s leading healthcare innovators, America’s Healthcare Transformation provides a roadmap to the future of American healthcare. This book is essential reading for all health care providers, health care administrators, and health policy professionals, and it will be an invaluable resource in the effort to improve the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare in our communities and nation.

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