Afbeelding van Magicians of the Gods

Magicians of the Gods

The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilisation – the Sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods

Engels | E-book | 9781444779691

Graham Hancock
4.6 op 5 sterren
uitgever Coronet
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Afmetingen 19,9 x 12,9 x 4,2 cm
Ebook formaat Adobe ePub
Illustraties Nee
Co-auteur Graham Hancock
Uitgever Coronet
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NUR code 727
Subtitel The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilisation – the Sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods

Beschrijving product

With more than 5 million copies sold worldwide of Fingerprints of the Gods, its sequel brings new evidence supporting the author's thesis that a global cataclysm wiped out a great global civilization. Illustrations. Map(s).

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