Boek cover Old Law, New Tricks: Using the Clean Air Act to Curb Climate Change van Scott Schang (Onbekend)

Old Law, New Tricks: Using the Clean Air Act to Curb Climate Change

Engels | E-book | 9781585761647
Onbekend 9,29
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uitgever The Environmental Law Institute
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat Adobe ePub
Auteur(s) Scott Schang | Leila B. Azari | Nathan Richardson | Nicholas Bianco | Scott H. Segal | James Salzman | Anna Marie Wood | Jonas Monast | Robert B. Mckinstry Jr. | The National Climate Coalition | Brooks Rainey Pearson | Charles H. Haake | Emily Taylor | Richard B. Herzog | Franz Litz | Patricia A. Eberwine | Art Fraas | Brigham Daniels | Robert A. Wyman | Natural Resources Defense Council | Delavan Dickson | Thomas D. Peterson | Davonne Flanagan | Timothy J. Mullins | Dallas Burtraw | Kristin Igusky Meek | Curtis A. Moore | Timothy Profeta | Claudine Schneider | Marie Ly | M. Rhead Enion | Gary S. Guzy | Arnold W. Reitze Jr. | Leila B. Azari | Nicholas W. Fels | Raymond B. Ludwiszewski | Institute For Policy Integrity | Rebecca Gasper | David M. Driesen | Robert D. Brenner | John Doyle | Hannah Chang | John C. Dernbach | Scott Schang | Hannah Polikov | Michael B. Gerrard
Uitgever The Environmental Law Institute
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Few if any people think the Clean Air Act is the optimal legislative solution to climate change; but it is a powerful tool that is being used sometimes despite the prevailing political will. To address this reality, this volume calls on the best writing from the most often-cited environmental law journal in the United States, the Environmental Law Reporter®, to explain the possibilities and pitfalls in using this regulatory framework to address greenhouse gases (GHGs) and short-lived climate pollutants. This collection does not have a singular perspective or agenda other than to highlight multiple suggestions about ways in which the Act should or should not be used to address climate change. The Environmental Law Institute and editors of Environmental Law Reporter® do not endorse any approach outlined in these pages but instead present various ideas to educate and spur public debate and discussion.

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