Boek cover Daughter of the Sun van Carmen Sol Feliciano

Daughter of the Sun

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uitgever Trafford Publishing
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Ebook formaat Adobe ePub
Aanbevolen leeftijd 0 - 2 jaar
Uitgever Trafford Publishing
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Oorspronkelijke releasedatum 2004-03-18


Many poems in this book of poetry and a short story were motivated by past and present dreams that the author has transposed into words and two languages (English and Spanish). The author turned those dreams into poems and managed to introduce her culture, people from her old neighborhood, relationships, memories of loved ones, and love at its highest and lowest. It's a poetic journey giving the reader a taste of life with its twists and turns.

The short (and only) story in the book, ''Lila Archmon'' is filled with descriptive words that takes the reader onto a dream-like passage of fantasy transporting them into the garden with Lila and her precious friends. The poem ''Salsa'' introduces the reader to a dance that has withstood the passage of time - it is certainly a ''feast'' for all. ''Soy Boricua'' expresses the pride of being Boricua and gives a history as to the roots of the Puerto Rican. The two poems (and title of the book) ''Daughter of the Sun I and II'' can be interpreted by the readers, as they desire. When various people were asked to give their meanings of the poems, the multitude and variety of renditions were astounding.

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