Boek cover Nudge van Richard H. Thaler (Onbekend)


Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness

Engels | E-book | 9780141976105
Onbekend 9,49
4.4 op 5 sterren
uitgever Penguin
Taal Engels
Bindwijze E-book
Aantal paginas 320 pagina's
Ebook formaat -72234
Illustraties Nee
Co-auteur Cass R Sunstein
Uitgever Penguin
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Every day we make decisions: about the things that we buy or the meals we eat; about the investments we make or our children's health and education; even the causes that we champion or the planet itself. Unfortunately, we often choose poorly.

We are all susceptible to biases that can lead us to make bad decisions that make us poorer, less healthy and less happy. And, as Thaler and Sunstein show, no choice is ever presented to us in a neutral way. By knowing how people think, we can make it easier for them to choose what is best for them, their families and society. Using dozens of eye-opening examples the authors demonstrate how to nudge us in the right directions, without restricting our freedom of choice. Nudge offers a unique new way of looking at the world for individuals and governments alike.

This is one of the most engaging, provocative and important books you will ever read.

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