Boek cover God Was in Complete Control of Abrahams Circumstances van Mr James Thomas Lee Jr

God Was in Complete Control of Abraham's Circumstances

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uitgever Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Paperback
Aantal paginas 88 pagina's
Illustraties Nee
Auteur(s) Mr James Thomas Lee Jr
Uitgever Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Extra groot lettertype Nee
Gewicht 227 g
Verpakking breedte 216 mm
Verpakking hoogte 5 mm
Verpakking lengte 279 mm


This book discusses most of the key events in Abraham's life as they have been recorded in the Bible. Chapter one will begin by discussing his life in Ur of the Chaldees when he was first told by God to go to the land where he would be led. Analysis of that instruction along with some other Bible passages will show that God had probably at least twice told him to journey into a new land. It will also be pointed out, however, that those multiple calls were not because of his disobedience. Following that discussion, when and how he got saved will be presented. He was not just automatically saved. He had to actually do something and that discussion will explain what he had to do.Chapter two will focus on some of the mistakes that he had made once he was in Canaan. Analysis in that chapter will try to reconcile how he could have talked to God in one moment and then lied to protect his skin in the next. The only logical conclusion, as will be defended in that discussion, is that he had never had audible out loud communications with the Lord. Chapter three will conclude this book by talking about all the mistakes that he had made in his thinking with respect to the promises that God had made to him. Rather than put him at fault, though, those discussions seek to show that he was human like everyone else. He made a lot of mistakes between arriving in Canaan and being willing to offer Isaac on Mount Moriah. But by the time that he had reached the end of his journey, he had become a friend of God. Thus, one of the many conclusions of this book is that anyone can believe God and be His friend.

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