Boek cover Attitude Towards Immigrants van Nordbo Karoline Grosas Nordbo (Paperback)

Attitude Towards Immigrants

A New Source for Consumer Animosity

Engels | Paperback | 9783659350146
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uitgever Lap Lambert Academic Publishing
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Paperback
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Auteur(s) Nordbo Karoline Grosas Nordbo | Suksong Kanoknapat
Uitgever Lap Lambert Academic Publishing
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This study is designed to test whether or not animosity towards immigrants affects consumer animosity for an immigrant population's country of ethnic origin. And if so, how does this relationship affect purchase intentions? The authors of this study develop a conceptual model of the marketing-sociology interface and discuss its implications for the theory and practice of marketing. The framework proposes animosity towards immigrants as an additional source for consumer animosity, as a supplement to the other previously discovered sources. We test and discuss the affect that animosity towards immigrants has on Norwegian purchase intentions towards Pakistani products. As an additive to the current research on consumer behaviour, the analysis here outlines animosity towards immigrants as an additional source of consumer animosity, an animosity that directly affects purchase intentions. Norwegian attitudes towards immigrants are partly influenced by fluctuations in the economy, along with the values and levels of integration among the immigrant community.

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