Boek cover Second-Class Male van Stan Madeley

Second-Class Male

A Book of Misguided Letters

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uitgever Michael O'Mara Books Ltd


Cabaret star, nobleman, plastics expert, chisel thrower, owl warden, porn star, rubber duck magnate, conservationist and bete noir of Esther Rantzen - Stan Madeley is all these things, and much more. Whether he's offering himself up for adoption to Elton John or attempting to hypnotize Derren Brown - by letter - Stan Madeley (by deed poll) is a fearless and dynamic correspondent. Boldly billing himself as Britain's top Richard Madely lookalike, he uses his 'celebrity status' as an innovative excuse to plague, pester and pen letters to many well-known faces, politicians and organisations, with hilarious results. Written in the bestselling tradition of the Henry Root and Robin Cooper letters, Second-Class Male is a witty and joyously surreal collection from an extraordinary new voice.

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