Boek cover Criminology Theory van Frank P. Williams Iii (Paperback)

Criminology Theory

Selected Classic Readings

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Taal Engels
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Auteur(s) Frank P. Williams Iii | Marilyn D. Mcshane | III Frank P. Williams | Frank P., III Williams | Marilyn D. Mcshane | Frank P. Williams Iii
Uitgever Taylor & Francis Inc
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This highly acclaimed criminology text presents an up-to-date review of rational choice theories, including deterrence, shaming, and routine activities. It also incorporates current examples of deterrence research regarding domestic violence, drunk driving, and capital punishment, and features thought-provoking discussion of the relativity of crime. The authors explore the crime problem, its context, and causes of crime. The organization of the text reflects the fact that the etiology of crime must be at the heart of criminology. It examines contemporary efforts to redefine crime by focusing on family violence, hate crimes, white-collar misconduct with violent consequences, and other forms of human behavior often neglected by criminologists. Extensive discussion of evolving laws is included, and while the prevalence of the scientific method in the field of criminology is highlighted, the impact of ideology on explanations of crime is the cornerstone of the book.

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