Boek cover Living in Gods Kingdom on Earth van Charles R Thomas

Living in God's Kingdom on Earth

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uitgever Xulon Press
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Hardcover
Aantal paginas 228 pagina's
Illustraties Nee
Auteur(s) Charles R Thomas | Charles R. Thomas | Charles R. Thomas | Charles R, Jr Thomas | Charles R, Jr., Jr Thomas
Uitgever Xulon Press
Extra groot lettertype Nee
Gewicht 503 g
Studieboek Ja
Verpakking breedte 152 mm
Verpakking hoogte 18 mm
Verpakking lengte 229 mm


This insightful book gives a fresh perspective to those wanting to yield themselves and do the works of Jesus. The books direct application of the Bible to daily living is bold. (Christian)

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