Boek cover New China Architecture van Patrick Bingham-Hall

New China Architecture

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uitgever Tuttle Publishing
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Hardcover
Aantal paginas 240 pagina's
Illustraties Nee
Auteur(s) Patrick Bingham-Hall | Xing Ruan
Uitgever Tuttle Publishing
Extra groot lettertype Nee
Gewicht 1645 g
Studieboek Nee
Verpakking breedte 228 mm
Verpakking hoogte 306 mm
Verpakking lengte 306 mm


The spectacular transformation of China in the last decade is symbolized by its architecture. The booming cities of China are evolving at a speed which is hard to comprehend, and their skylines have seen a profusion of new architectural styles. An economic metamorphosis and an invasion of Western culture have created a dynamic environment for architecture and construction, both at the public and the domestic scale. This push to prosperity has excited architects from around the globe, who have seen a unique opportunity to produce remarkable and innovative designs. New China Architecture seizes this moment in time. It documents both the stunning designs of famed architects and the emergence of a whole new generation of Chinese architects. The selected projects cover a broad range of residential homes, public buildings, office towers and the adaptive reuse of older city precincts. The buildings featured include skyscrapers in Shanghai, the dazzling new designs for the Beijing Olympic Games venues, innovative private houses such as those at the Commune by the Great Wall and the now mandatory gleaming new airports and city landmarks.

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