Boek cover An Exploration of a New Poetic Expression Beyond Dichotomy van ShinIchiro Ishikawa

An Exploration of a New Poetic Expression Beyond Dichotomy

An Analytical Approach to the Meta-Poetic Features of the Poems of D.H.Lawrence

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Auteur(s) Shin'Ichiro Ishikawa
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This study attempts to re-evaluate Lawrence's poetry, which has often been read as a set of biographical documents or supplementary notes to his novels, as fully independent literary work in the light of post-modern critical theory. The author carefully examines how Lawrence needed to misread his precursors, the nineteenth-century Romantics, to establish himself as one of the modern poets. What separates his poetry from his precursors' is his self-consciousness as a modern poet. His search for radical freedom in language and his meta-poetic exploration of a new poetic expression make him a true pioneer of the "terra incognita" in English poetry.

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