Boek cover Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel van Philip Coppens (Paperback)

Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel

The Truth Behind its Templar and Masonic Secrets

Engels | Druk: 2 | Paperback | 9781931882088
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uitgever Adventures Unlimited Press
Taal Engels
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Uitgever Adventures Unlimited Press
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Rosslyn Chapel has fueled controversy and debate, both recently in several worldbestselling books as well as in past centuries. Revered by Freemasons as a vital part of their history, believed by some to hold evidence of pre-Columbian voyages to America, assumed by others to hold important relics, from the Holy Grail to the Head of Christ, the Scottish chapel is a place full of mystery.
This book will guide you through the theories, showing and describing where and what is being discussed; what is impossible, what is likely... and what is fact.

At the same time, the book will virtually guide you around all enigmatic and important aspects of the chapel. The history of the chapel, its relationship to freemasonry and the family behind the scenes, the Sinclairs, is brought to life, incorporating new, forgotten and often unknown evidence. Finally, the story is placed in the equally enigmatic landscape surrounding the chapel, from Templar commanderies to prehistoric markings, from an ancient kingly site to the South, to Arthur's Seat directly north from the Chapel - before its true significance and meaning is finally unveiled: that the Chapel was a medieval stone book of esoteric knowledge, ''written'' by the Sinclair family, one of the most powerful and wealthy families in Scotland, chosen patrons of Freemasonry.

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