Boek cover A Man of Contradictions van Richard Ollard

A Man of Contradictions

A Life of A.L.Rowse

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uitgever Penguin Books Ltd
Taal Engels
Bindwijze Paperback
Aantal paginas 384 pagina's
Auteur(s) Richard Ollard
Uitgever Penguin Books Ltd
Gewicht 266 g
Studieboek Nee
Verpakking breedte 128 mm
Verpakking hoogte 18 mm
Verpakking lengte 198 mm


As historian and polemicist, Rowse was deeply involved in many of the key debates of the mid-century. He combined Marxist historiography and keen English patriotism, support for modernism with deep attachment to the traditions of the college he loved, All Souls. Above all, he was both an industrious and influential academic historian and an energetic participant in political, cultural and literary life. This engagement reached its zenith in Rowse's principled and vindicated opposition to appeasement. This authorized biography draws a full picture of one of the dominant figures of Oxford, Cornwall and England. In doing so, Richard ollard illuminates many of the bewildering changes of the 20th century.

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