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Engels | Druk: Revised edition | Paperback | 9781783052516
4.2 op 5 sterren
Boek cover The Acoustic Songbook van Justin Sandercoe (Paperback)
50 classic songs to accompany the world-famous justinguitar. com courses for guitar!the Justinguitar. com Acoustic Songbook is for all guitar players who want to progress beyond beginner level. the book starts with beginner level material, before progressing to songs that will teach you how to use more complex chords (including barre chords), riffs, fingerstyle patterns and open tunings. This book contains 50 great acoustic songs by artists such as the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Elliott Smith, Crowded House, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Sting, Tom Waits and David Gray. Take your playing...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9781770411326
Boek cover Joni Mitchell van Malka Marom (Hardcover)
In Her Own Words
When singer, musician, and broadcast journalist Malka Marom had the opportunity to interview Joni Mitchell in 1973, she was eager to reconnect with the performer she’d first met late one night in 1966 at a Yorkville coffeehouse. More conversations followed over the next four decades of friendship, and it was only after Joni and Malka completed their last recorded interview, in 2012, that Malka discovered the heart of their discussions: the creative process. In Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words, Joni and Malka follow this thread through seven decades of life and art, discussing the influence...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781135628239
Boek cover Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula van Lisa Urkevich (Onbekend)
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar
Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula provides a pioneering overview of folk and traditional urban music, along with dance and rituals, of Saudi Arabia and the Upper Gulf States of Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. The nineteen chapters introduce variegated regions and subcultures and their rich and dynamic musical arts, many of which heretofore have been unknown beyond local communities. The book contains insightful descriptions of genres, instruments, poetry, and performance practices of the desert heartland (Najd), the Arabian/Persian Gulf shores, the great western cities including...
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Engels | Druk: Main - Faber Greatest Hits | Paperback | 9780571349654
Boek cover Electric Eden van Rob Young (Paperback)
Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music
A new edition as part of the Faber Greatest Hits - books that have taken writing about music in new and exciting directions for the twenty-first century. In this groundbreaking survey of more than a century of music-making in the British Isles, Rob Young investigates how the idea of folk has been handed down and transformed by successive generations. A sweeping panorama of Albion's soundscape, from the pioneer spirit of Cecil Sharp to the visionary pop of Kate Bush, Julian Cope and Talk Talk, via the folk influences of Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Pink Floyd, Mr Fox, Trees and the early...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9781529349795
Boek cover Dolly Parton, Songteller van Dolly Parton (Hardcover)
My Life in Lyrics
Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics is a landmark celebration of the remarkable life and career of a country music and pop culture legend. As told by Dolly Parton in her own inimitable words, explore the songs that have defined her journey. Illustrated throughout with previously unpublished images from Dolly Parton's personal and business archives. Mining over 60 years of songwriting, Dolly Parton highlights 150 of her songs and brings readers behind the lyrics. - Packed with never-before-seen photographs and classic memorabilia - Explores personal stories, candid...
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Engels | Hardcover | 9781616208950
Boek cover Beeswing van Richard Thompson (Hardcover)
Losing My Way and Finding My Voice 1967-1975
An intimate look at the early years of one of the world&;s most significant and influential guitarists and songwriters. In this moving and immersive memoir, Richard Thompson, international and longtime beloved music legend, recreates the spirit of the 1960s, where he found, and then lost, and then found his way again. Known for his brilliant songwriting, his extraordinary guitar playing, and his haunting voice, Thompson is considered one of the top twenty guitarists of all time, in the songwriting pantheon alongside Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and Randy Newman. Now, in his long-awaited memoir,...
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Engels | E-book | 1230004016090
Boek cover Kalimba 10/17 Songbook - 48 Songs from Ireland & Great Britain van Reynhard Boegl (Onbekend)
No music notes + MP3-Sound Downloads
Songbook with 48 well known and popular songs from Ireland & Great Britain, prepared for easy playing with the Kalimba with 10/17 tines. Numbers and symbols (that often can be found on the Kalimba tines) set the tone, the vocal melody determines the rhythm - the easy way of making music! No knowledge of music notes is necessary - play by numbers / symbols - suitable for beginners! Every song was recorded - melody with band and melody without (''playalong''). The MP3 sounds are available online (webaddress in the book) in a player with adjustable playback speed. Including lyrics, guitar...
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Engels | Druk: Main | Hardcover | 9780571348169
Boek cover Beeswing van Richard Thompson (Hardcover)
Fairport, Folk Rock and Finding My Voice, 1967-75
The memoir of international music icon Richard Thompson, co-founder of the legendary folk rock group Fairport Convention. 'Thompson could be said to be an English Dylan - only in some ways he's even better than that.' GUARDIAN 'This quiet joy of a memoir is just what you'd expect from one of the finest British musicians of the last 50 years.' RICHARD WILLIAMS Guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson came of age during an extraordinary moment in British culture: it was 1967 and popular music was reflecting a great cultural awakening. In the midst of this, eighteen-year-old...
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Dolly Parton | 9781980072157
Boek cover Dolly Parton, Songteller van Dolly Parton (Onbekend)
My Life in Lyrics
A Recorded Books Audio Original production of songs and stories performed by Dolly herself, Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics goes beyond the glitz, glamour, and rhinestones to the warmth, heart, and soul of a treasured pop-culture icon. In this exclusive audio performance, the ten-time Grammy Awardwinning artist weaves her words with music and memories to give listeners the stories behind the stories of her most cherished songs. And with some 3,000 songs to her credit, Dolly uses her gift for lyrics to connect to people of all genders, generations, and geographies. Showcasing...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780063114906
Boek cover Im Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen van Sylvie Simmons (Paperback)
The New York Times-bestselling, definitive biography of legendary artist Leonard Cohen, now with new afterword by the author &;There is a crack in everything. That&;s how the light gets in.&; &; Leonard Cohen The genius behind such classic songs as Suzanne, Bird on a Wire, and Hallelejuia, Leonard Cohen was one of the most important and influential songwriters of our time, a man of spirituality, emotion, and intelligence whose work explored the definitive issues of human life&;sex, religion, power, meaning, love. Yet before he even began recording, Cohen was an accomplished literary...
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