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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9780060742768
Boek cover Setting the Table van Meyer Danny (Paperback)
The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business
A renowned New York restaurateur shares behind-the-scenes anecdotes to trace his experiences as the co-owner of eleven establishments in one of the world's most competitive arenas, discussing the lessons he has learned throughout the past twenty years about such professional priorities as innovative business practices, team building, and customer service. Reprint.
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9780273775089
Boek cover Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Exp van Matt Watkinson (Paperback)
The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences
Overall WINNER - CMI Management Book of the Year 2014 WINNER - Innovation & Entrpreneurship Category at the CMI Awards 2014 Create a great customer experience whoever you are. Customers are powerful. They have a loud voice, a wealth of choice and their expectations are higher than ever. This book covers ten principles you can use to make real world improvements to your customers' experiences, whatever your business does and whoever you are. For managers, leaders and those starting a new business, the book shows that making improvements...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789063693534
Boek cover The service innovation handbook van Lucy Kimbell (Paperback)
action-oriented creative thinking toolkit for service organizations; templates-cases-capabilities
This is an action-oriented book for managers and entrepreneurs searching ways to tackle issues they face in terms of developing and delivering services. The book focuses on service organizations, but has a broad interpretation of what services are. Directed to the business world and combines inspirational text that is full of examples, with the features of a useful handbook of practical methods with associated templates. The central argument is that managers and entrepreneurs designing service offerings will benefit from using approaches and methods from design and the arts, especially at...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9780241196564
Boek cover The Challenger Customer van Brent Adamson (Paperback)
Selling to the Hidden Influencer Who Can Multiply Your Results
From the authors of the internationally-bestselling business classic The Challenger Sale 'A handbook of practices that will help you get into your customers' heads, deliver good value, and win the sale' Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell is Human and Drive --------------------------------------------------------------- In The Challenger Sale, Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson overturned decades of conventional wisdom with a bold new approach to sales. Now they reveal something even more surprising: the highest-performing sales teams don't focus on friendly, attentive customers. Instead,...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9780718033323
Boek cover Building a StoryBrand van Donald Miller (Hardcover)
Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
More than half-a-million business leaders have discovered the power of the StoryBrand Framework, created by New York Times bestselling author and marketing expert Donald Miller. And they are making millions. If you use the wrong words to talk about your product, nobody will buy it. Marketers and business owners struggle to effectively connect with their customers, costing them and their companies millions in lost revenue. In a world filled with constant, on-demand distractions, it has become near-impossible for business owners to effectively cut through the noise to reach their...
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Engels | E-book | 9780241370155
Boek cover This is Marketing van Seth Godin (Onbekend)
You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See
#1 WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER & INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A game-changing approach to marketing, sales, and advertising. For the first time Seth Godin offers the core of his marketing wisdom in one compact, accessible, timeless package. This is Marketing shows you how to do work you're proud of, whether you're a tech startup founder, a small business owner, or part of a large corporation. No matter what your product or service, this book will help you reframe how it's presented to the world, in order to meaningfully connect with people who want it. Seth employs his...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9789024434930
Boek cover Zeg dat nog eens? van Eric de Haan (Hardcover)
Inspirerende inzichten en oneliners uit de (management)literatuur
“De sleutel is niet intelligentie. De sleutel is bewustzijn.” – Yuval Noah Harari Meer dan zeshonderd inspirerende citaten, rake oneliners en eyeopeners uit de (management)literatuur gebundeld in één boek. Ideaal voor managers die hun tijd bewust besteden en ieder ander die op zoek is naar een treffend citaat. Eric de Haan (auteur, organisatieadviseur en docent) verzamelde de meest inspirerende quotes, rake citaten en wijsheden op het gebied van management, leidinggeven, verandering, organisatiecultuur, leren, HRM, klantgerichtheid, dienstverlening, samenwerken etc. Het boek is...
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9789462723115
Boek cover Volgende keer beter! van Manja Bomhoff (Paperback)
Leren van klachten over je organisatie
Volgende keer beter! laat zien hoe je met jouw organsiatie de sprong kunt maken naar een onderzoekende en lerende benadering van klachten. Een klacht is gratis advies voor je organisatie. Toch lijken we dat advies niet echt aan te willen nemen: als organisatie leren van klachten en je dienstverlening daardoor verbeteren is in de praktijk verre van vanzelfsprekend. Hoe komt dat toch? Want er staat veel op het spel: iedere organisatie loopt het risico anderen te schaden of zelf schade op te lopen. Leren van klachten had een drama als de toeslagenaffaire kunnen voorkomen. Het is dus tijd om...
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Engels | Hardcover | 9780593538104
Boek cover The Jolt Effect van Matthew Dixon (Hardcover)
How High Performers Overcome Customer Indecision
From the bestselling co-author of The Challenger Sale, a paradigm-shattering approach to overcoming customer indecision and closing more sales In sales, the worst thing you can hear from a customer isn’t “no.” It’s “I need to think about it.” When this happens, deeply entrenched business advice says to double down on your efforts to sell a buyer on all the ways they might win by choosing you and your business. But this approach backfires dramatically. Why? Because it completely gets wrong the primary driver behind purchasing decision-making: once purchase intent is established,...
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