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Nederlands | Luisterboek | Verteller: Willemijn de Vries | 9789046170519 | Speelduur: 07:42:58
4 op 5 sterren
Boek cover Holland House van Sarah Prins (Onbekend)
Zinderende thriller over de Olympische Spelen in Rio
Een jonge journaliste onthult de duistere kant van Rio de Janeiro. Wat speelt er zich af achter de schermen van het grootste sportevenement ter wereld... Journaliste Sanne Gregorius reist net als haar vriend Fabian, die als fysiotherapeut deel uitmaakt van het Nederlandse olympisch team, naar Rio de Janeiro. Op zoek naar onderwerpen om over te schrijven, ontmoet ze de Braziliaanse bouwvakker Orestes. Hij vertelt Sanne over de ellende die veel arme Brazilianen de afgelopen jaren hebben meegemaakt. Maar hij heeft nog een onthulling, over een uitzendbureau dat verwikkeld is in criminele...
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Samantha Cook | 9781624613838 | Speelduur: 10:40:33
Boek cover Play for Keeps van Maggie Wells (Onbekend)
Love Games Book 2
Mixing business and pleasure is a dangerous game... Tyrell Ransom, the new men's basketball coach, is ready to whip his team into shape and start winning some games. But when compromising photos of his soon-to-be-ex-wife with one of his players go viral, everything comes crashing down. With reporters thick on the ground, Ty and his team need some serious damage control—now. When public relations guru Millie Jenkins arrives in her leopard-print cape to save the day, things really heat up... Soon they're going to have to work double time to keep their white-hot chemistry out of the headlines.
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9781470821944 | Speelduur: 09:54:00
4 op 5 sterren
Boek cover Rookie Move van Sarina Bowen (Onbekend)
The first novel in a sexy new series featuring the hockey players of the Brooklyn Bruisers and the women who win their hearts. Hockey player Leo Trevi has spent the last six years trying to do two things: get over the girl who broke his heart and succeed in the NHL. But on the first day he's called up to the newly franchised Brooklyn Bruisers, Leo gets checked on both sides, first by the team's coach—who has a long simmering grudge, and then by the Bruisers' sexy, icy publicist—his former girlfriend Georgia Worthington. Saying goodbye to Leo was one of the hardest things Georgia ever...
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Erin Mallon | 9781520096353 | Speelduur: 07:34:05
Boek cover Silver van K. A. Linde (Onbekend)
For the past three years, Stacia has seduced her way through the university's football line-up. But when she finally has a quarterback fresh off the draft, she experiences a shocking change of heart—one that sends her back to the place she never thought she'd return to: Vegas. Once there, she finds that no one believes her. Least of all Pace Larson, her sexy on-again, off-again ex who has never quite gotten over her leaving him for someone else. Of course, he's now a starting quarterback and determined to claim her as his prize. But can Stacia give him a second chance when he's toyed with...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9780698152755 | Speelduur: 09:57:00
Boek cover Rules for Becoming a Legend van Timothy S. Lane (Onbekend)
A Novel
A spirited debut of a rising basketball star wrestling with his town's outsized expectations and his family's complicated legacy Everyone seems to know Jimmy "Kamikaze" Kirkus, the half-white, half-Asian basketball sensation from small town Oregon. College coaches flood his mailbox with recruiting letters, Sports Illustrated has already profiled him, and everyone in town hangs on his every shot. But nobody can possibly fathom the weight of all this upon Jimmy's shoulders, or the looming legacy that casts a wide shadow. Todd "Freight Train" Kirkus seemed destined for the NBA until he...
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Alexander Cendese | 9781541448490 | Speelduur: 07:43:12
Boek cover The Foxhole Court van Nora Sakavic (Onbekend)
Neil Josten is the newest addition to the Palmetto State University Exy team. He's short, he's fast, he's got a ton of potential-and he's the runaway son of the murderous crime lord known as The Butcher. Signing a contract with the PSU Foxes is the last thing a guy like Neil should do. The team is high profile and he doesn't need sports crews broadcasting pictures of his face around the nation. His lies will hold up only so long under this kind of scrutiny and the truth will get him killed. But Neil's not the only one with secrets on the team. One of Neil's new teammates is a friend from his...
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Jakobi Diem | 9781977345226 | Speelduur: 14:09:10
Boek cover Hook Shot van Kennedy Ryan (Onbekend)
Kennedy Ryan presents Book 3 in the Hoops series. Contains mature themes.
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Engels | Luisterboek | Verteller: Isabelle Ruther | 9781624616747 | Speelduur: 10:42:48
Boek cover Redemption van Simone Leigh (Onbekend)
Redemption, Book Two
Everyone deserves a second chance, but not for the same mistake. At least according to Brooklyn Tanner. Over the course of their long, complicated friendship, she's given Andrew Brinks more than enough chances. What has she received in return? Heartache. Pain. Agony. But also love, as cruel and beautiful as it's always been between them. When outside circumstances threaten Drew's family, will Brooklyn finally put aside the grief of her past to offer him the support, and perhaps love, he needs? Or was their fate sealed all those years ago when Drew had no choice but to betray her? ...
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Nederlands | Luisterboek | 9788726370584 | Speelduur: 07:23:53
4.7 op 5 sterren
Boek cover Elitepauper van Freek van Kraaikamp (Onbekend)
Hij is een charmante allemansvriend. Op jonge leeftijd maakt hij pijlsnel carrière en beheert hij al snel miljoenenvermogens. Maar zijn leven in de betonjungle knijpt langzaam alle vreugde uit hem. Zijn enige redding is het stadion, de weekenden met de jongens van de tribune. Op het nieuws worden ze tuig en hooligans genoemd, maar voor hem zijn ze heilig. Zij houden hem op de been. De roes van de gevechten maakt het leven echt. Maar dan worden de fundamenten onder hem weggeslagen. Zijn mentor ontvalt hem en zijn beste vriend is gedwongen bij hem onder te duiken. Langzaamaan begint zijn...
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Engels | Luisterboek | 9781094263656 | Speelduur: 05:08:31
Boek cover Scoring the Keepers Sister van Delancey Stewart (Onbekend)
Fernando Fuerte is a total player. In every sense of the word. He's star forward for the Sharks, the pro soccer team where I handle PR. And I don't care if Mr. Match says he's my soulmate. I don't date players. When my boyfriend, Andrew-the-hand-model, dumped me, my twin brother suggested I try San Diego's hottest dating app, Mr. Match. I figured I couldn't do worse than a guy who wore gloves all the time. (And I do mean ALL the time.) But when the site matched me with my biggest PR nightmare and nemesis, Fernando "the Fire" Fuerte, a guy who has more dates than a calendar, I knew Mr....
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