Alle boeken van schrijver Jim Medway (1-10)

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Engels | Druk: UK ed. | Paperback | 9781906653576
Boek cover Playing Out van Jim Medway (Paperback)
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9780957471740
Boek cover Turvytops van Cecil Brasher (Hardcover)
A Really Wild Island
Written in rhyming verses, this book takes the reader on a wild ride through the strange island of Turvytops' where everything is not quite right - creatures are upside down or back-to-front, volcanoes spew water and mountains are made of ice cream. Here polar bears hate the cold, pandas are mean, cats fly around in flocks and sharks like to sunbath! These hilarious characters - a nose-picking rhino, sock-wearing hippos and gerbils in glasses - are brought to life by the genius of illustrator, Jim Medway. Written, designed and produced to appeal both parents and children, this new book will...
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Engels | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9780957471733 | 32 pagina's
Boek cover The Land of the Frontiebacks van Cecil Brasher (Hardcover)
A Curious Alphabet of Confused Creatures
WINNER - Children's Book of the Year in the Junior Design Awards 2014 - The land of the Frontiebacks is a strange and wonderful place. The letters of the alphabet run backwards and the animals are rather confused. Starting with Z, 26 quirky verses and illustrations bring to life a menagerie of curious creatures: the imaginary Xolf, the lazy Fox (who never leaves home), the oversized Ant, the Elephant with small ears, the muscly butterfly and the Llama who hates heights. Truly original in style and look, this funny and lovely gift book will delight parents and young children alike.
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Duitstalig | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9783791373188
Boek cover Große Hunde, kleine Hunde van Mark Fletcher (Hardcover)
Alle Hunde dieser Welt. Über 250 Hunderassen aus aller Welt
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Boek cover Big Cats, Little Cats van Jim Medway
A Visual Guide to the World's Cats
Big cats, little cats, bob-tailed cats, long-tailed cats, smooth cats, skinny cats, funny cats, scarry cats, wild cats...... here they all are in their furry, fanged and clawed glory. This large-format, illustrated children's book brings together in one volume every domestic cat breed in the world alongside colored drawings of rare wild cats and the well-known big cats. This wonderful new book of cats, aimed a children 3-7 (and their parents) is divided into fun double-page spreads. The book features c
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Boek cover Big Horses, Little Horses van Jim Medway
A Visual Guide to the World's Horses and Ponies
Horses and ponies of all sorts and types are brought together in this one big, beautiful book for young children. Big Horses, Little Horses, the third title in the Big & Little series, features over 150 horse and pony breeds from around the world, each one illustrated with a colour drawing by Jim Medway. Divided into sections on British and Irish, European, North American, Asian and World horses, it includes every known breed, from the English Thoroughbred racehorse to the tiny Shetland Pony, from the enormous Drum Horse to the elegant Arab. Horses for trotting, horses for climbing mountains,...
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Engels | Paperback | 9780228102670
Boek cover Big Dogs, Little Dogs van Jim Medway (Paperback)
A Visual Guide to the World's Dogs
"The sections display stylishly formatted and labeled depictions of well-known breeds as well as a slew of lesser-known pups... (and) a full double page dedicated to puppies, with dotted trails connecting the pups to their adult versions... Will delight any dog-lover." --Booklist "Breeds both familiar and unfamiliar are positively bursting out of this oversize volume... Dog lovers will spend hours poring over these winsome illustrations." --School Library Journal New in paperback, this wonderfully illustrated book features 300 dog breeds, including every breed recognized by...
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