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Engels | Druk: illustrated edition | Paperback | 9781865084329
Boek cover Girlosophy van Anthea Paul (Paperback)
A Soul Survival Kit
Aimed at women from 12-30, this handbook is a blueprint for life which urges all young women to find their own individual truth. To become a girlosopher, you need: an open heart and mind; a direct and honest approach; a strong vulnerability; an ornate simplicity; and a ruthless compassion. A new philosophy for girls, girlosophy is intended to help you take charge of your destiny and your practical life by giving you the spiritual, emotional and practical means to achieve your full potential. Girlosophy represents and depicts real girls from all over the world, emphasizing physical health,...
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Engels | Druk: New title | Paperback | 9781865085852
Boek cover Girlosophy 2 van Anthea Paul (Paperback)
the Love Survival Kit: Girlosophy 2
A handbook on love, relationships and spiritual growth. By the author of Girlosophy - A Soul Survival Kit , it's a guide for every girl or woman who has ever tried to make sense of the patterns in her personal relationships and how it all fits into her individual destiny. Become a girlosopher and take the journey towards: the truth of your love destiny; an understanding of all types of love connections; a recognition of soul mates or twin flames; an honest appraisal of personal relationships; breaking down patterns and breaking through; developing the courage to overcome heartbreak - fast;...
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Boek cover Girlosophy-Real Girls Eat van Anthea Paul
Packaged in a bright, fun, lush style girlosophy - Real Girls Eat provides a holistic approach to loving, accepting, nurturing and feeding the body, as well as loads of delicious and healthy recipes and food tips.
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Nederlands | Druk: 1 | Hardcover | 9789053416150
Boek cover Ik ben al zó groot van Anthea Simmons (Hardcover)
Lastig hoor, als je al groot bent! Dan ben je niet meer de baby in het gezin. Maar zijn al die babydingetjes eigenlijk wel zo leuk als ze lijken.
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Engels | E-book | 9781784502423
Boek cover Creative Therapies for Complex Trauma: Helping Children and Families in Foster Care, Kinship Care or Adoption van Hasler, Joy (Onbekend)
A burgeoning evidence base supports that arts, play and other creative therapies have potential to help children in foster care, kinship care or adoptive families to recover from complex trauma. Written by contributors working at the cutting edge of delivering effective therapeutic interventions, this innovative book describes models for working with children in foster care, kinship care or adoption. Covering how to assess needs and contextual considerations for working with children and families, this book presents a range of creative therapeutic approaches spanning art psychotherapy,...
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Boek cover Life, Death and Biscuits van Anthea Allen
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'A heart-breaking story of courage and compassion from the front line of the toughest battle our nurses have had to fight. Anthea Allen's writing is raw, honest and full of love for those she cares for.' Susanna Reid An extraordinarily powerful memoir based on the diaries of intensive care nurse Anthea Allen, who worked on the front line of one of the largest hospitals in Europe during the Covid crisis. With over 30 years of experience as a nurse, Anthea thought she had seen it all....
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