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Engels | E-book | 1230004285502
Boek cover The Frowzy Society van Salyali Das (Onbekend)
The Frowzy Society is actually the voice to the society which is beautifully portrayed by the pen of some amazing authors around the world with the mixed genre like articles, poems, short stories & open letters to strengthen the awareness of what are happening & what needs to be changed in society, either in mentality or in rules.
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Engels | E-book | 1230004434238
Boek cover Thoughts Penned in 2020 van Salyali Das (Onbekend)
"Thoughts Penned in 20-20" is a book of collection of poems, quotes & microtales. Poems are based on Life, Love, Emotions, Views & Opinions. Quotes & Microtales are mostly Motivational. The real meaning of this Book Title will only be unleashed by the every flip of this book. This Book is a dedication to the year 2020, completely written by the Author, Salyali Das
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